Facilities & Centers

Anatomy Laboratory

The human anatomy cadaver lab is located on the lower level of the pharmacy building. The facility is used primarily for the dissection of human cadavers. The physician assistant, physical therapy and occupational therapy students use the laboratory to master the study of human anatomy. The laboratory is equipped with models and books to enhance student learning. In addition, a camera system with two 70-inch screens has been installed to further student learning by enhancing visualization of detailed anatomical structures

Physical Therapy Research Lab

The Physical Therapy Research Lab is a 1,200 square-foot facility located on the 2nd floor of the Zeckendorf Health Sciences Center. It is used for research projects in the areas of:

  • Clinical assessment of gait and other functional activities
  • Reliability and validity of clinical instruments
  • Health promotion and wellness
  • Alternative therapies
  • Motor control

Equipment List

  • Acitheart and Actical Activity Monitors using accelerometer and heart rate monitoring
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors, Oscar 2
  • Astro-Med Strain Gauge Mode FT10E, Amplifier, Power Supply, Calibration Weights
  • Bicycle Ergometer
  • Cardiofax Portable, Single-Channel, ECG
  • Cervical Range of Motion Device & Back Range of Motion Device
  • Color Video Camera, Tripod, Lights
  • EMG Telemetry System
  • Empi Neuromuscular Stimulator
  • GAITRite System
  • Handheld Dynamometer
  • PALM Device
  • Piezoelectric Tendon Tap Device
  • Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback Device
  • Treadmill


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