Computer Multimedia Center (CMC)

Since computers are at the forefront of education and the workforce, the HEOP Program recognizes the importance of computer literacy or all its students. The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program has its own computer facility, equipped with both PC & Apple Mac Computers. This facility is manages by its very own computer specialist to assist students with their computer literacy learning needs.

Student in the HEOP Program can learn a variety of computer skills in the following areas:

  • Word-processing – to enhance your class papers for final submission
  • Spreadsheets – statistical needs to utilize with tuition budgeting and planning
  • Email and Internet functionalities to assist with class work needs
  • Desktop Publishing – to enhance presentations for class projects and or personal needs
  • Video and Photography Production to provide guidance with media technology

Group and individual workshops are available. Students must sign up prior to attending workshops. Look for posted signs throughout the center and HEOP office.

Rules & Regulations
Please read the chart to be acquainted with the center's regulations.

  1. HEOP CMC opens at 9:00 AM in the morning.
  2. Students, please present your ID prior utilizing the facility. Only HEOP students are authorized in the center.
  3. A CMC assistant will assign you a computer station.
  4. Sign in a waiting list if no station is available.
  5. Contact a CMC assistant for any software or technical problems.
  6. Be considerate to other users.
  7. No food or beverage allowed in the center.
  8. If any problem arises with your station, call for assistance.
  9. When the lab is full, priority is given to students working on class projects. (No Internet, Games, IRC, nor Email permitted).
  10. When leaving the station, take all your belongings, trash any unwanted material, and push the chair back in.
  11. The center usually closes at 5:00 PM daily.