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The Minor in Sociology-Anthropology allows students to pursue in-depth study of such topics as migration, cultural difference and cultural change, social inequality, the politics of race, family and gender, comparative religions and popular culture from music to fashion and sports. Broad survey courses focused on Asian, African, or Latin American and Caribbean cultures add depth to these courses of study.

After one introductory course (Ant 4, Ant 5 or Soc 3), any four SOC or ANT advanced courses can be combined to create the Minor.  The Sociology/Anthropology minor combines easily with many majors and programs in Conolly College and other schools.  It prepares students to pursue people-oriented careers, to better understand the world and to fully enjoy living in a great city like New York.

For further information, please contact any of the Sociology or Anthropology faculty in the Department of Social Sciences: Professors Syed Ali (, Hal Barton (, Yusuf Juwayeyi ( or Haesook Kim ( You can also call 718-488-4077.

Credit and GPA Requirements

Minimum Total Credits:  12
Minimum Minor GPA:  2.0