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Africana Studies

Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary program that draws from the humanities, social sciences and sciences. It focuses on the contributions, world views and concerns facing the African Diaspora from past to present, and provides a complementary take on many of the discourses established by traditional disciplines while it also defines and attempts to answer through rigorous research alternative intellectual queries and problematics from the perspective of various and varying groups of people of African descent. This 15-credit, minor-granting program, which began offering classes in Spring 2008, has already organized and launched several outreach programs with the assistance of Campus and community resources: The African Forum Series, youth performances, a conference on Jazz and other African-based musical forms (Music of the Spirit), multicultural, multinational musical performances, films and discussion panels, fundraisers and dance workshops. Two core courses, “Introduction to Africana Studies” and “African Civilizations,” are running. In addition, we offer elective, cross-listed courses under the Africana Studies banner. Such titles include: “African American History,” “Slavery and the Literary Imagination,” “African Film,” “Blacks and the Law,” “Caribbean Literature” and “African-based Art.”

Course of Study
  • Introduction to Africana Studies
  • African Civilization

Take three additional courses at the 100 level or above such as:

  • Early African History
  • African Archaeology
  • Contemporary African History, 1880-present
  • African American History to 1865
  • African American History from 1865
  • Caribbean History (Special Topics)
  • The History of Slavery
  • The History of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Blacks and the Law
  • Black Political Thought
  • African Literature (Special Topics)
  • African Film
  • African American Lit.
  • African American Art
  • African Diaspora Dance (Special Topics)
  • African Diaspora Music (Special Topics)
  • Caribbean Lit. (Special Topics)
  • Caribbean Art
  • Black Popular Culture (Special Topics)