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Rony Lipovetsky (Blum), PhD, MS, PMHNP-BC

Assistant Professor of NursingCoordinator, Health Care Systems & Policy


She has taught at Hunter College-CUNY, McGill University, Hebrew University, & Touro College. Collaborative interventions have included the Maine Wabanaki-State Commission on Native Child Welfare Truth & Reconciliation Commission (2015). Affiliated with Dori Laub’s Holocaust Trauma Research (Yale University), her collaborative work helped to obtain German compensation for child survivors (2013). She initiated public health reports, used by policymakers, to provide asylum to Sudanese refugees (2008).  She field worked on patient-centered research for the Israel Ministry of Health & Hadassah Medical Organization (2007). Her Health Impact report initiative on missile-torn areas in Israel (2006), assisted the Ministry of Health Director-General to advocate for evacuations of children, seniors, & the ill. Collaborative genocide prevention initiatives, with GenocideWatch, medical, & legal faculty, have been cited by US, Canadian, & British parliamentarians, diplomats, professors, & attorneys, to save lives.  


Education & postdoctoral work

  • Visiting Scholar, Hebrew University-Hadassah Faculty of Medicine
  • Richard B. Tomlinson Postdoctoral Fellowship, SSOM, McGill University
  • PhD, History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • MS, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Hunter College-CUNY
  • BSN, Nursing, New York University
  • MA cum laude, History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • BA cum laude, Int’l Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Licenses & Certifications

  • Psychiatric NP -- Lifespan (ANCC)
  • Psychiatric NP – Lifespan (NYS)
  • Medical Hypnosis & Intermediate Hypnosis certificates (ASCH & NYS-approved)
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy certificate
  • EMDR Therapy certificate



Rivkind A, Blum R, Gershenstein I, et al. (2012). Trauma care & case fatality during a period of frequent terror attacks & thereafter.  World Journal of Surgery, 5, 1.765, 45/138;16;16.  

Richter E., Blum R, Castelman B, et al. (2008). Ecocide: a crime against humanity?  Collegium Ramazzini 25th Anniversary Jubilee online journal (24/10/2008)

Richter ED, Blum R, Berman T, et al. (2007). Malthusian pressures, genocide & ecocide.  Int'l Journal of Occupational & Environmental Health 2007:13:331-341.

Blum R, Richter ED, Stanton G. (2007). ’Ethnic cleansing’ bleaches the atrocities of genocide, European Journal of Public Health, Advance access, May 18 2007, Oxford University Press.

Public Health policy reports & briefs

Blum R. (2008). Medical & Psychosocial situation of Sudanese refugees in Israel 2006-2008: Services & Policy Brief, submitted to Prof. Irwin Cotler, OC, MP, Government of Canada, (Jan. 27 & Feb 2008).

Blum R. (2007). The Knesset Rose Garden Sudanese refugee camp Health Report 19/7/2007, submitted to Director-General, Israel Ministry of Health & Director, Jerusalem Bureau of Health.

Blum R. (2006). Rapid Health Impact Assessment for mother-child, Holocaust survivor, and ill sectors: case for evacuations from war-torn areas of Israel. Submitted to Director-General, Ministry of Health, Jerusalem, Israel, 28/7/2006, rev. 8/8/2006.

Blum R, Stanton G, E Richter. (2006). Genocide Prevention Brief with Appendix, for the Feinstein Advisory Group, Council on Foreign Relations (invited, Senate Foreign Relations Committee member, United States Government, 3/2006).


Blum R. (2005). Ghost brothers: the adoption of a French tribe by bereaved Native America, Montreal, QC: McGill-Queen’s University Press.  

Selected Invited Presentations

2019      Blum R, Richter ED, Stanton G. (2007). ’Ethnic cleansing’ bleaches the atrocities of genocide,

              European Journal of Public Health, Advance access, Oxford University Press. Presented at “The

              Missing Picture:” Rethinking Genocide Studies & Prevention at the 14th Conference of the

              International Association of Genocide Scholars, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, July 14-19 2019.

2014       Blum R.  Holocaust orphans:  practice and policy implications, July 22.  Steyer

               School of the Health Professions, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.

2007      Blum R. Panel moderator, Genocide: Never again? (Darfur Sudan), Hebrew University of

              Jerusalem, May 8. (student-organized conference to aid refugees in Jerusalem)

2007      Blum R. First Nations Bereavement Rites, Genocide in East and West: Seminar, Open

              University, Ra'anana, Israel, Jan 4.

2006      Richter E, Blum R, Lindert J, Berman T, Soskolne C, Stanton G. The Precautionary Principle:

              environmental epidemiology's gift to genocide prevention (poster), Symposium International 

              Society of Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) Science, Population Diversity, Caution, &

              Precaution, Paris, Sept 2-3. Published Oct 2007.

2006      Blum R. Deterring genocidal dynamics via early indicators: Israeli Health Impact Assessment. 

              Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University, Oct 4.

2006      Blum R.  The context of psychosomatic symptomatology in Israel, Bar Ilan University, Sociology 

              & Anthropology Seminar Forum, Tel Aviv, May 17.

2005      Blum R. World Summit 2005: universalizing Native democracy but neglecting the biodiversity

              imperative: Native health,” Brownbag Seminar Talk Series, D’Arcy McNickle Center for the Study

              of the American Indian, Newberry Library, Chicago, IL, Sept 28.

2005       Blum R. “Reconceptualizing Persecution,” Ninety Years after the Armenian Genocide and Sixty

              Years after the Holocaust:  the Continuing Threat and Legacy of Genocide, International

               Association of Genocide Scholars, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, June 4-7.

2005       Blum R. “Annihilation campaigns and Resiliency over the ‘longue durée: child Holocaust

               survivors’ orphaned Israeli grandchildren 2000-4,” Four Dimensions of Childhood: Brain, Mind,

               Culture, & Time:  an Interdisciplinary Conference, UCLA, LA, Feb11-13, poster.

2000       Blum R. Ethnopsychiatric phenomena in early America, Jerusalem Conference for Canadian

               Studies, Hebrew University off Jerusalem, May 25-29.

Lectures and Presentations


  • Rudin College of Nursing Scholarship, New York University
  • Dissertation award, Int’l Council for Canadian Studies, Government of Canada
  • Faculty Enrichment Award, Government of Canada
  • Int’l Council for Canadian Studies Dissertation Scholarship, Government of Canada
  • Research Students Authority, D’Arcy McNickle Center for Study of the American Indian
  • Jacob Leib Talmon MA Prize, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Hebrew University-Université d’Ottawa Summer Exchange Programme
  • Nicolai Landau Fund Grant, Dean of Students, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


  • American Academy of Nursing
  • AACAP committees: Native American children, War-affected children             
  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • Lillian Wald Nurses’ Council, Hadassah Medical Organization
  • Israel Trauma Coalition