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Radh M Achuthan

Professor of Physics

B.S., University of MadrasM.S., University of MissouriPh.D., Union Institute


Physics, Human Resource Development


  • Status of the Evaluation of the Cosmological Inquiry “What Is It All About?”  Philosophy Study,  David Publishing, May 2021

  • Consequences of Functional Deficiency of Organic Natural Intelligence (ONI) for Politics.  Social Science, Humanities and Sustainability Research, SSHSR, 12/27/2020.

  • Thought Line Synopsis for a TV Series Screen Script: ADVANCE Studies In Social Science Research . published in SCHOLINK 11/6/2020

  • Qualitative Aspects for Society of Strong Artificial Intelligence, Studies in Social Science Research, published in SCHOLINK 9/2020

  • Reflections on 'Dissonance' and 'Receptivity' of Human Organic Natural Intelligence (ONI) with Self-Teaching, Self-Learning, Inorganic Strong Artificial Intelligence (SAI) Advances in Science and Humanities , 1/25/2019

  • Author, “Growing up in the Villages of Uttar Pradesh, India: The Parent As A Teacher (PAAT) Profile of Village Backward Communities,” published in Indian Educational Review (1995)
  • Author, “Growing Up in the Villages of Karnataka: The Parent As A Teacher Profile of the Backward Community,” published in Man & Development (1993)
  • Co-author, “The Giving Behavior on Money and Service,” published in The Indian Journal of Social Work (1992)
  • Co-author, “The Emergence of Independence from Traditional Control in India,” published in the Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology (1991)
  • Co-author, “Attitudinal Indexes on the 'Preparedness to Help Non-Familial Others in Need' in the States of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Karnataka, India,” published in The Indian Journal of Social Science (1991)
  • Cosultant, “Goals for Mankind,” a report to the Club of Rome on the New Horizons of Global Community (1977).
  • Author, "On the Need for Long-Range-Goals-for-Mankind Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Programs (LRGM-IUP)," published in Contemporary Education (1972)