Frequently Asked Questions

Testing CenterWhat is the purpose of the assessment?

The School of Education Assessment is designed to assess students' skills in reading and English composition.

What is included in the assessment?

Students will be asked to read a short selection on a general topic of interest and to write an essay guided by questions about the selection. Essays will be judged on: 1) demonstrated understanding of the reading selection; 2) independent thought in response to the subject of the selection; 3) structure (organizing and paragraphing); and 4) mechanics (punctuation, grammar, and spelling).

Who must take the assessment?

Please contact the Graduate School of Education at 718-488-1055 to see if you are required to take the assessment.

When and where can I take the assessment?

If you are required to take the assessment, the School of Education will advise you of the current examination dates. You may also want to call the Testing Center 718-488-1392 for additional dates.

Can arrangements be made for special students?

Special arrangements can be made for students who have difficulty with either reading or writing on exams due to a disability. Accessibility of the examination rooms varies. Students with special needs should call the office of Student Support Services 718-488-1044 a week prior to the examination.

What should students bring to the assessment?

To be admitted to the examination, you must bring one of the following pieces of photo ID: passport, driver's license, or LIU ID. It must be current and the photo must be recognizable. Also, please bring two sharp pencils, a pen, and an eraser. You may bring a dictionary, in book form. Electronic dictionaries are not permitted. You must know your LIU student ID number in order to take the examination.