Sample Questions/Topics

This is a sample of the kinds of items you will find on the Computer Literacy Examination. The actual exam
is a multiple choice computerized test. Please note: these items are set to give you an idea of the
type of topics you will find on the test among others.

Part I: Microsoft Word

1. Open documents.
2. Change the selected text to Bold.
3. Delete the selected text.
4. Undo the delete.
5. Highlight text.
6. Spell-check the document.
7. Save files.
8. Print just the selected text.
9. Open different documents.
10. Working with different documents at the same time.
11. Keyboard shortcuts.
12. Managing toolbars.
13. Page Layout.
14. Saving docs as a web page or pdf.
15. Printing documents.

Part II: Windows

1. The Control Panel.
2. Use 'My Computer' to view the contents of a drive/folder
3. Open the Recycle Bin from the desktop.
4. What is an Operating System?
5. Close the active window.
6. Minimize/maximize windows.
7. What is a computer virus?
8. Duplicate files.
9. Units of storage.
10. Moving items in windows to different locations.

Part III: Internet

1. What is a search engine?
2. What is an URL?
3. Launch Internet Explorer.
4. Use a search engine to find a web site for New York City.
5. Bookmark the site.
6. Print a copy of the site.
7. Underlined words on websites.
8. The concept of Social Networking.
9. What is a browser?
10. Close the browser.
11. Language used to write websites.
12. Where can you set email accounts?
13. Different domains and services.