Frequently Asked Questions

Testing CenterWhat is the purpose of the evaluation?

The Brooklyn Campus is strongly committed to providing our students with the important tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in their education and in their careers. To this end, the Computer Literacy Examination is designed to ensure that all Long Island University Brooklyn Campus students and graduates have mastered basic computer skills. The Evaluation will determine whether a student has already mastered these skills or needs more preparation. The Computer Skills Evaluation Examination has an unusual and very positive feature: It is one of the few exams you can take in college as often as you wish, until you pass. Also the grade (pass/fail) will not change your GPA. Successful completion of the evaluation signals that you have sufficient skills to use the computer in classes and work which require word processed papers, email communication, Internet research and basic computer use. Since most of your professors will require these skills for their classes, you are urged to take the examination as soon as possible. In that way, your advisor will be able to refer you to learning resources should you need to develop your skills further.

Who must take the examination?

Spring 2021 graduates are exempt from taking this exam. Otherwise, ALL UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS MUST TAKE THE EXAMINATION TO GRADUATE. Only transfer students with an accepted Associate's or Bachelor's degree are exempt. You may also be exempt if you have received appropriate transfer credit. Students will not be allowed to graduate until they have passed the examination.

What is included in the evaluation?

The evaluation is administered on computers in three parts taken on the same test date. You will need to be familiar with basic computer terms in order to pass the evaluation. Basic Windows operation: Students will be asked to answer some basic questions about launching programs, filing and printing using Windows. Microsoft Word: The evaluation will include opening files, simple formatting, moving text, filing and printing. Internet functions: The evaluation will cover use of an internet browser, internet searches, use of email within a browser, and printing of web pages.

When and where can I take the exam?

Because walk-in exams have been so popular, this semester we are offering all of our exams as walk-ins—no appointment necessary. Occasionally there are changes in schedule. Call or visit the Testing Center, located at LLC, 4th floor; 718-488-1392, to see if there has been a change that affects the day you are planning to take the exam.

What happen if I don’t pass the test?

If you fail any section of the Computer Literacy Exam, you are allowed to retake it over until you pass it. However, you may take a section only once per day. You should retake only the section failed on any subsequent exam date. There is no limit on the number of times you may take the test.

What if I have special test-taking needs?

Arrangements can be made for students with physical or learning disabilities who may require disability-related accommodations. For assistance, students should contact the office of Students Support Services at 718-488-1044.

What should students bring to the evaluation?

Photo-identification such as a school ID or a driver’s license and a pen or pencil. You must know your student ID number or your social security number in order to take the evaluation.

Is there a fee for taking the exam or the practice exam?

No. The examination is free of charge.