How to Apply

Process for Entry

  1. Students complete ECS applications (Due Dates: Fall Applicants — March; Spring Applicants — October)
  2. Students participate in interviews
  3. Students complete English and Mathematics
  4. Placement Exam at LIU
  5. Students receive notification of admission
  6. Accepted students and parents sign Program Contracts

What does participation in this program entail?

Each student who enrolls in this program must be prepared to:

  • Participate fully in LIU Early College Scholars Program to complete college credits before high school graduation
  • Work diligently in every college course while behaving in accordance with university regulations
  • Complete a STEM related research project
  • Present findings of research project at the LIU Discovery Day conference
  • Be a mentor and tutor for an intermediate school student

Who should apply?

We are looking for motivated, dedicated, hard-working, students who are committed to their personal success.
Minimum GPA Requirement: 85