The Long Island University Reopening Plan

About Us


"To encourage and assist students who are traditionally under-represented (first generation, low income) in postsecondary education as well as provide qualified students with disabilities with appropriate academic accommodations and support needed to ensure equal access, in the preparation for, entry to, and completion of a post-secondary degree." We strive to provide opportunities for academic development with the aim of increasing the retention and graduation rates of our students.

Student Support Services…

  • Pairs all registered students with an education specialist who will guide and work with them for the duration of their academic career
  • Ensures that all students receive academic tutoring and instruction in areas such reading, writing, mathematics, science, among other subjects
  • Monitors academic progress of students through evaluations from professors
  • Identifies current and potential needs or problem areas, devise and implement interventions and make appropriate referrals to on/off campus offices and agencies
  • Acts as a liaison for students with disabilities with campus faculty, staff, and off campus agencies
  • Loans technological (IPAD, IPOD, Laptops, Audio Recorder) and classroom equipment/materials (Audio Books, Text Books, Electronic Dictionary) to students with an expressed financial and academic need
  • Offers advice and assistance in course selection
  • Assists students in understanding and completing financial aid applications with the goal of improving financial and economic literacy
  • Provides personal, academic and career counseling services
  • Aids students in applying for admission to graduate and professional programs

Access the following link to learn more about our program: Federal TRIO Program