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B.S in Bioinformatics

The B.S in Bioinformatics is designed to prepare students for careers or advanced degrees in the expanding field of bioinformatics, an area that integrates cutting edge advances in computer science with genomics for the purposes of improving individual and public health.

The B.S. Degree in Bioinformatics is a full-time program of 120 credits consisting of core curriculum courses and required credits, distributed across the sciences and computer science.

Graduation Requirements

Students must satisfy the Placement, Proficiency, Orientation and Core Curriculum criteria outlined in the Graduation Requirements section of this bulletin.

Core curriculum requirements for this major are summarized below:
First Year Seminar 1 credit
English Composition 3 credits
English Literature 3 credits
Philosophy 3 credits
Foreign Language 3 credits
Social Sciences
History 3 credits
Social Sciences (ANT, ECO, POL, PSY, SOC) 6 credits
Science and Mathematics
Mathematics 4 credits
Laboratory Science (BIO I) 4 credits
Communication, Visual & Performing Arts
Oral Communications: Speech 3 credits
Visual & Performing Arts (ART, DNC, MUS, THE) 3 credits
Ancillary Requirements
The following courses must be fulfilled:
CHM 3 General and Inorganic Chemistry I 4.00
CHM 4 General and Inorganic Chemistry II 4.00
CHM 121 Organic Chemistry I 4.00
CHM 122 Organic Chemistry II 4.00
MTH 30 Pre-Calculus Mathematics 4.00
MTH 40 Calculus I 4.00
Ancillary Statistics Requirement
One of the following must be fulfilled:
MTH 100 Introductory Statistics 3.00
PSY 150 Statistics in the Social Sciences 3.00
Major Requirements
The following courses must be fulfilled:
BIO 1 General Biology 4.00
BIO 2 General Biology 4.00
In addition, a total of 22 credits of advanced biology credits (numbered >100 and not including BIO 101, 131, 132, 137, 138) are required.
Molecular Biology
The following courses must be fulfilled:
BIO 126 Principles of Genetics 4.00
BIO 151  Bioinformatics and Genomics 3.00
BIO 153  Proteomics / Macromolecules Structure and Function  4.00
BIO 157 Bioinformatics, Capstone I
BIO 158  Bioinformatics, Capstone II
BIO 159  Bioinformatics, Field Placement  3.00
BIO 160  Molecular Biology
BIO 161 Introductory Molecular Biology 3.00
BIO 552 Current Methods in Biotechnology 3.00
Computer Science Requirements
CIS 148 Database Systems I 3.00
CS 101  Fundamentals of Computer Science and Information Sciences  3.00 
CS 103  Programming I for Business 4.00
CS 131  Algorithms and Data Structures in Python 3.00
CS 132  Discrete Structures in Computer Science 3.00
CS 148 Database Systems I 3.00
CS 161 Statistics and Bioinformatics 3.00
Biology Electives 
Choose one from the following: 
BIO 119  Principles of Evolution 4.00
BIO 129 The Biological Basis of Human Variation 3.00
BIO 152 Foundations of Biochemistry 3.00