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HR Anti-Harassment Discrimination Policy



Long Island University (“LIU” or the “University”) is committed to maintaining a working environment that is free of bias, prejudice, discrimination and harassment and an environment that supports, nurtures, and rewards career advancement purely on the basis of ability and performance.


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Policy for Students with Disabilities

In compliance with federal and state laws, Long Island University is committed to providing qualified individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in all University programs and activities, curricular and co-curricular, which are available to non-disabled individuals.

Students with disabilities who desire accommodations must submit appropriate documentation of their disability to the Disability Support Services, located in the Learning Center. Professional staff will review and evaluate this documentation, interview the student, and provide the student with completed Accommodations Forms for presentation to the teaching faculty. Accommodations Forms must be obtained each semester, before the semester begins. Disability Support Services files are confidential.

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