Wurlitzer Organ


Wurlitzer Theatre Organ

Wurlitzer 4/26 Organ

Wurlitzer Organ Brooklyn ParamountLIU Brooklyn is proud to be home to an incredible piece of theater history in our Wurlitzer 4/26 orchestral organ. Originally built in 1928, it is one of only two of this model still in operation (the other lives at Radio City Music Hall), and the only one that is 100 percent original. The Wurlitzer's mighty sound and large network of nearly 90-year-old pipes, wires, cables, bells, drums, symbols, and other mechanisms required to replicate the sound of a full symphony orchestra through a single, very intricate instrument, are maintained by the New York Theatre Organ Society (NYTOS).

To learn more about the Wurlitzer's history and take a tour of this amazing piece of musical engineering, take a look at the video (at left) courtesy of the NYTOS.