Middle States Self-Study Report

The decennial Middle States Self-Study process is a critical event for Long Island University. The ten-year period since the institution’s last review by the Commission on Higher Education has been characterized by significant improvement in nearly every facet of the University’s activities, including its academic programs and facilities, strategic planning and assessment of student learning outcomes, and the embrace of new technologies to enhance the delivery of education.

The process of self-assessment will be conducted over a period of almost two years and will feature extensive participation by students, faculty, deans, trustees, alumni and administrators. The University welcomes this opportunity to take stock of its strengths and weaknesses and to invite its peers to test whether the Self-Study Report corresponds to the reality experienced by the evaluation team.

The final Self-Study Report must be honest and transparent, demonstrating Long Island University’s institutional priorities, successes and challenges. In format, the report will have four major chapters, broadly focused on:

  1. Student Success In and Out of the Classroom
  2. Faculty, the Board and the Administration: Quality, Collegiality and Governance
  3. Managing the Institution to Advance the Mission
  4. Instructional Technology and Teaching in the 21st Century

As part of its self-assessment activities, an institution-wide committee will revisit the University’s existing mission statement to test its relevancy and consider if it needs emendation. Throughout the process, feedback, comments and contributions will be solicited from every member of the University community. The University is committed to continuing its service to higher education and looks forward to providing even greater educational opportunities to its students in the future. It acknowledges the work that remains to be done, accepts the challenges that will be identified, and is excited about what Long Island University will achieve in the years ahead.

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