Advanced Certificate in Literacy (5-12)

This advanced certificate is intended for those with prior certification in adolescence education and who hold a master’s degree.

Admissions Requirements

  1. Underlying teacher certification
  2. Master's degree

Plan of Study

21 Credits

Course Number

Course Title


TED 520

Language and Literacy


TED 550

Teaching Literacy and Language Arts 5-12


TED 610

Assessing Students with Literacy and Learning Problems


TED 625

Interventions in Reading


TED 620

Collaboration in Inclusive Settings



Literacy Elective


TED 715

Practicum in Literacy for Students with Learning Problems 5-12


Course Descriptions

TED 520 Language and Literacy

This course focuses on the relationship between oral language and reading and writing. Students examine theories of cognition, syntactic and semantic development, comprehension, metalinguistic, and vocabulary growth and how they relate to reading and writing processes. Principles of first and second language acquisition, dialectal differences, and the development of literacy in English language learners, bilingual children, and youngsters with a range of learning difficulties are addressed. Attention is focused on the social and cultural contexts of language use, function, and literacy acquisition. Students examine approaches to curriculum development and instruction based on theories of language development, learning processes, motivation, and reading and writing acquisition.
3 Credits
TED 620 Collaboration in Inclusive Settings

This course focuses on developing collaborative partnerships for the benefit of educating diverse populations of students. Participants develop strategies for strengthening family partnerships, and collaborating with other school personnel including general and special educators, school psychologists and counselors and literacy and library media specialists. The goal of collaboration is to organize instructional programs and develop curricula, share information for assessment and instructional planning, and monitor student progress.
3 Credits

TED 625 Interventions in Reading

This course examines theories of literacy development and individual differences to form a basis for understanding possible difficulties encountered in mastering literacy skills. Interventions, for all aspects of literacy acquisition, appropriate for students experiencing difficulty are addressed.
3 Credits
TED 715 Practicum in Literacy for Students with Learning Problems, Grades 5-12

In this course participants evaluate and teach a youngster, in grades 5-12, who is experiencing difficulty with literacy skills and strategies. Class discussions focus on assessment techniques and research validated instructional strategies effective for teaching all aspects of literacy acquisition and development.
3 Credits