LIU Hudson/WPH Onsite Cohort

LIU Hudson/WPH Onsite Cohort

LIU Hudson/WPH Onsite Cohort


From the Dean and Chief Operating Officer to LIU Hudson/WPH Cohort Students

Welcome to Long Island University, a multi-campus, diverse, doctoral institution of higher learning. In its ninth decade of providing access to the American dream through excellence in higher education, Long Island University is one of the largest and most comprehensive private universities in the country offering more than 550 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs and certificates.

LIU Hudson, one of several campuses of Long Island University including an Educational Site at West Point, combines the advantages of a small campus with the resources of a large university.

This micro page should answer basic questions. Should you still have unanswered administrative questions, please contact Dr. Lea Rutmanowitz. For academic matters, please contact Prof. Michael Stone.

Best wishes as you pursue your graduate studies.

Sylvia Blake, Ed. D.
Dean and Chief Operating Officer
LIU Hudson


For administrative questions:

Dr. Lea Rutmanowitz

For academic matters:

Prof. Michael Stone

Attendance Policy

Students bear the responsibility for fulfilling all course requirements in a timely manner. Plans for making up missed work, or to accommodate absences due to unavoidable circumstances, are at the discretion of the instructor. Regarding missed work and absences, arrangements should be made with the instructor as early as possible.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, instructors generally communicate with their students via email 3-4 hours before class is scheduled to begin. This allows everyone to adjust to changing weather conditions. Additionally, notifications about classes cancelled due to inclement weather or any other emergency will be posted on this site.

For other LIU Hudson and University-wide policies, please consult the Academic Bulletin

For the on-site class schedules, please consult the chart below: