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Religious Life

Interfaith CenterThe Office of Religious Life celebrates the diversity of religious experience and faith traditions represented in the LIU Post community. At the Interfaith Center individuals are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of one's own traditions and to learn about, respect and appreciate the religious traditions of others. The Office of Religious Life supports the focus of community service and volunteerism throughout LIU Post campus, encouraging the active citizenship of civic-minded individuals. Students can learn about service opportunities and experiences available through the Interfaith Center.

The Interfaith Center is located on Gold Coast Road, marked by its high dome and pillared front entrance. Visitors are always welcome for silent meditation, worship services, lectures and other activities. If your faith tradition is not represented we will assist you in finding your tradition locally.

Catholic Life

The Newman Catholic Campus Parish at LIU Post is sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre. The parish is an active group sponsoring Sunday Mass, Confirmation classes, retreats, and mission trips. It’s not all work though; Newman sponsors yearly ski trips, trips to other cities, evenings at Broadway, dinners, barbecues and other events.

Catholic Mass 7:30 p.m. Sundays
Newman Meetings 7 p.m. Wednesdays

Islamic Life

The Muslim Student Association provides the opportunity for students to come together to pray, socialize, learn about their faith, and bring awareness of Islam to the LIU Post community. Programs have included lectures on Islam and the celebration and observance of Islamic holidays. Prayer mats and open space are available and students are always welcome to come to the chapel to pray.

Jewish Life

Hillel is a great place to connect with your Jewish culture and find friends who enjoy a diverse array of programs. We have Holiday celebrations, trips, pizza parties and much, much more. Whether it’s setting up a tent outside the chapel for the Feast of Sukkot, visiting the Holocaust Museum in the city, or enjoying a chocolate Seder, Hillel is the place for you.

Meets Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m.

Protestant Life

The Protestant/Christian Campus Ministry is committed to providing a social alternative for LIU Post students through Bible study, fellowship, sharing meals, service/mission work, and social events. Students can find a haven from everyday stress and an opportunity to share feelings and faith in a nonjudgmental environment. We are a family, a Christian fellowship, a network, and a home away from home!