Academic and Career Planning


Academic Advisement

One of the most important services a college provides to its students is academic counseling. Research shows that the quality of a school's academic advisement program can affect a student's overall satisfaction with his/her college experience. LIU Post is one of the few college campuses to provide full-time professional academic counselors to all undergraduate students, from pre-enrollment through graduation. The Academic & Career Counselor creates a comprehensive assessment of the needs of all undergraduate students in order to provide them with the support required for successful completion of their studies. This includes assistance with the selection of an appropriate major and career path, as well as understanding both the requirements of your program and how to navigate the system in order to meet your needs.

Counselors take a holistic look at each student's overall educational picture in order to facilitate access to services and resources, and to encourage student engagement in the life of the campus. We coordinate services and advise students on how to best resolve issues related to their academic, professional and personal goals. Academic and Career Counselors are here for students five days per week, 12 months per year. We are here to alleviate the confusion and provide direction to all students.

Some of the reasons a student may stop by to visit with their counselor:

  • Selecting appropriate courses required to receive a degree
  • Assistance with registering for classes each semester
  • Helping to understand University policies and procedures
  • Dropping and/or adding a class
  • Taking a course (electives only) on a pass/fail basis
  • Deciding whether or not to repeat a course
  • Discussing changing a major
  • Discussing academic and career goals
  • Clarifying a student's academic status (the requirements to be in "good academic standing")
  • Evaluating transfer credits (from other colleges, AP, CLEP, etc.)
  • Discussing any problems encountered with classes and/or instructors
  • Introductions to people in other offices and departments on campus