Genetic Counseling

Meet Our Students and Alumni

Top row (l to r): Tristan Hart, Alexis Barge, Janine Alkalay, Erica Hilsenrath, Emily Hughesclass of 2024

Middle row (l to r): Alison Solis, Sarah Klaehn, Alexa McCall, Amrutha Patil, Matthew Morgan

Bottom row (l to r): Brianna Peters, Lauren Soncrant, Jessica Walter, Erin Weiss

Class of 2023

Top row (l to r): Justin Wilbur, Hannah Stutzman, Julia Powell, Elizabeth Belling, Kateryna Davydovych, Ann Ly

Bottom row (l to r): Kerri Murphy, Arun Sam, Brittany Galante, Alexandra Pannepacker, Shea Walsh, Kayla Velazquez

LIU Post Genetic counseling class of 2022
Class of 2022

Top row (l to r):Tonya Bortz, Carly Danzi, Naomi Eisner, Gabrielle Garizio, Melissa Guida, Rebecca Heilman

Bottom row (l to r): Gabrielle Hissong, Lincoln Johe, Michelle Ng, Kaitlin Stokes, Michael Van Andel, Sylvia Wasserman

Class of 2021

Top row (l to r): Marissa Barbata, Holly Brown, Faatima Ellahy, Maya Galloway, Mystimarie Geiger

Bottom row (l to r): Samantha Leitao, Olivia Maher, Meghan McGath, Elizabeth Palmer, Shannon Terek, Kylie Whalen 

100% of the alumni in the graduates of the class of 2021 are currently employed as genetic counselors.

Class of 2020

Genetic counseling class of 2020

Top row (l to r): Risa Abittan, Hailey Hein, Jessica Honkomp, Naomi Horowitz, Halle Kevern 

Bottom row (l to r): Jonathan Klassen, Kyira Larry, Leyla Nielsen, Liam Riddle, Malka Rosenberg

100% of the alumni in the class of 2020 are currently employed as genetic counselors.

Class of 2019 

Genetic counseling class of 2019

Top row (l to r): Erin Barone, Nicole Cacace, Stephanie Eng, Tamar Forman, Sarah Gervasi, Jennifer Kennedy, Mckenzie Mitchell
Bottom row (l to r): Susan Reilly, Alexa Rosenblum, Elizabeth Schweitzer, Emily Solem, Elana Spitz, Kara Vitalone

The overall pass rate for the class of 2019 on the ABGC board-certification exam is 100%. 100% of the alumni in the class of 2019 are currently employed as genetic counselors. 

Class of 2018

Top row (l to r): Brittany Brassell, Rachel Goldberg, Brianna Gross, Dani Kupperman 
Bottom row (l to r): Haley Nisson, Deborah Paul, Chana Ratner, Chevi Strum

The first time pass rate for the class of 2018 on the ABGC board-certification exam is 87.5%. 7 out of 8 students passed the exam on their first sitting.  100% of the alumni in the class of 2018 are currently employed as genetic counselors. 

Class of 2017

Top row (l to r): Rachel Higdon, Jessica Kenney, Samantha Melnick
Bottom row (l to r): Jamina Oomen, Pooja Swaroop, Victoria Tecson

The overall pass rate for the class of 2017 on the ABGC board-certification exam is 100%.  100% of the alumni in the class of 2017 are currently employed as genetic counselors.

Class of 2016

Genetic Counseling Class of 2016

Top row (l to r): Sara Malka Cohen, Emily Lundberg, Janet Malcolmson
Bottom row (l to r): Rachel Rabin, Emily Rosen, Jaime Tramontana

The overall pass rate for the class of 2016 on the ABGC board-certification exam is 100%.  100% of the alumni in the class of 2016 are currently employed as genetic counselors.

Class of 2015

Genetic Counseling Class of 2015l to r: Mikaela Lum, Lee Ann McCoy, Nikki Salvatore
Marie Chuldzhyan (not pictured)

Class of 2014

Genetic Counseling Class of 2014Top row (l to r): Lauren Giannetti, Alex Markese, Michelle Primiano
Bottom row (l to r): Jay Shaw, Elizabeth Strawderman Monast, Francesca Tubito 

Class of 2013

Genetic Counseling Class of 2013Top row (l to r): Lauren Ely, Julie Handy, Katherine Fink
Bottom row (l to r): Jessica Miles, Sabrina Mobilio, Victoria Schoepke

Class of 2012

Genetic Counseling Class of 2012l to r: Virginia Sack, Calvin Chan, Caitlin Peters, Veena Ganesh, Amanda Brosseau

LIU GCGP alumni are employed as genetic counselors a wide variety of medical centers and genomics companies. Some of the institutions alumni have worked at include:

• Northwell Health
• Yale University School of Medicine
• Brigham and Women’s Hospital
• Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
• RMA Long Island IVF
• NYU Langone Health
• Maimonides Medical Center
• NYC Health + Hospitals
• New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center
• Vanderbilt University Medical Center
• MD Anderson Cancer Center.
• UCLA Health
• Johns Hopkins Medicine
• Kaiser Permanente
• Texas Children’s Hospital
• Children’s National Hospital
• The Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai
• University Health Network
• NewYork Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medicine
• Labcorp
• Sema4
• GeneDx
• Ambry Genetics
• Invitae
• Myriad Genetics


Publications by Recent Graduates

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• Pereira EM; Columbia University Clinical Genetics Professionals, Chung WK. COVID-19's Impact on Genetics at One Medical Center in New York. Genet Med. 2020 Sep;22(9):1467-1469. doi: 10.1038/s41436-020-0857-7. Epub 2020 Jun 5. PMID: 32499605; PMCID: PMC8740647. (Forman T., Spitz E. );
• Rosenblum A, Springer M, Eppolito A, Axell L, Mohler L. Homozygous Germline APC p.I1307K Variants: A Case Series. Case Rep Oncol. 2021 Sep 14;14(3):1295-1303. doi: 10.1159/000518683. PMID: 34720931; PMCID: PMC8460922.
• Solem EP, Primiano M, McQuillen MP, Zak Goelz M. Factors associated with parental knowledge of neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1): Parental affected status and genetic counseling. J Genet Couns. 2020 Dec;29(6):1151-1158. doi: 10.1002/jgc4.1275. Epub 2020 Mar 20. PMID: 32196829.
• Smith RB, Solem EP, Metz EC, Wheeler FC, Phillips JA 3rd, Yenamandra A. Clinical diagnosis of neurofibromatosis type I in multiple family members due to cosegregation of a unique balanced translocation with disruption of the NF1 locus: Testing considerations for accurate diagnosis. Am J Med Genet A. 2021 Apr;185(4):1222-1227. doi: 10.1002/ajmg.a.62071. Epub 2021 Jan 8. PMID: 33415784.

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