All undergraduate and graduate programs at LIU Post are registered with the New York State Education Department and accredited by the Commission of Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. In addition to the entire University, various other academic programs in the College of Education, Information and Technology are specially accredited by professional organizations, signifying they meet the highest standards of educational quality as determined by leaders in the field. 

Many programs in the College of Education and Information Technology (CEIT) are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation Programs (CAEP). Specifically, all programs in the departments of Health/Physical Education, Curriculum and Instruction, DELA (the department of educational leadership), Special Education and Literacy, Art Education, and Music Education are CAEP accredited. All other CEIT programs are also accredited: by CACREP (counseling programs), ALA (library programs), or ASHA (speech pathology and communication science programs). 
CAEP requires that its accredited programs produce a data based annual report that includes such information as a public-friendly display of graduation rates, licensing information related to a graduating class, impact on P-12 students, and the university’s default rate. Please see below.

Graduation rates: 
Based on the Fall 2015 cohort, our graduate graduation rate is 73% over a 2 year period. As many students pursue a graduate degree part-time, the 3- and 4- year graduation rate is much higher, but not yet available for this cohort.   A master’s degree is required for professional certification in NYS.
Based on the Fall 2013 cohort, our 4 year undergraduate graduation rate is 38%. The 6-year graduation rate is not yet available. We expect it to be much higher than the 4 year graduation rate. 

Completers Seeking Certification 
In the 2016-17 academic year, 90 teacher education program completers sought certification in New York State. Of that number, 81 completed all of the additional assessments and were granted certification. Additionally, 56 program completers sought certification out of state. Ninety- seven completers did not file for certification during the 16-17 academic year. Some program completers do not seek certification in New York for such reasons as teaching in private or charter schools, teaching out of state, continuing their education, or career advancement where certification is not required.

Teacher Certification Scores
16-17 Teacher Certification Test Scores
All students need to pass certification exams to become certified teachers in NYS. Some students choose to take exams at the end of their program. Some students choose to take exams during their program. When to take an exam is a student’s choice. 
During the 16-17 school year, the following students took and passed the teacher certification exams listed below.

The tests required for certification include:
EAS is The Educating All Students exam. It ascertains that our students have learned to address the learning needs of diverse student populations. 
CST is the Content Specialty Test.  The CST ascertains that our students know the specific content needed for their teaching specialty.
edTPA, completed during student teaching, indicates that  students know how to plan and teach lessons. It is a national exam developed by Stanford University.
There are 3 types of School Leadership and Administration exams (SLA): School Building Leader exam, School District Leader exam, and School District Buisness Leader exam. The exams ascertain that our students are prepared to be school and school district administrators.

 Exam  # Taking # Passing Passing %
 EAS  191 179  94
 CST 366  284 78
 edTPA 111 76 68
 SLA 164 138 84

Satisfaction of Employers and Completers
We regularly survey our graduates and local employers to ascertain our students’ marketability and the employers’ and our students’ satisfaction with our programs. We ask questions about our graduates’ impact on P-12 learning and development, which indicates our graduates’ teaching effectiveness.

University Default Rate 
LIU’s FY2014 three-year cohort default rate, which was published by the US Department of Education on September 27, 2017, is 7.4%. This is below the national average of 11.5%.


College of Education, Information, and Technology
Dr. Albert Inserra, Dean