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America Reads Program

America Reads ProgramThe America Reads Program is open to C.W. Post Campus undergraduate and graduate matriculated students. This is an exciting community service program for students who qualify for financial assistance or prefer to volunteer their time and gain observation hours. The majority of student/tutors are elementary and special education majors, but we do have students from other disciplines.

The America Reads Program is designed to teach the C.W. Post Campus students how to actively engage elementary grade “at-risk” readers in building their literacy skills. Therefore, each qualified applicant must enroll in a three credit-training seminar to prepare for tutoring. The University has waived the fee for the community service America Reads Program seminars EDS 71-U, EDS 71-V (undergraduate) and EDS 698, EDS 699 (graduate). During the pre-service training seminars the student/tutors are instructed on the logistics of breaking down a typical thirty minute tutoring session into three integral topics: “Building Fluency”; “Building Reading Strategies”; and “Building Literacy Strategies”. Various tutoring approaches and ideas are offered for each tutoring component.

When the pre-service seminars are completed, you will be assigned to a local school where you tutor the students up to 20 hours per week at $10/hour.

This is a win-win situation! This program benefits C.W. Post students/tutors, those who are tutored and the Cooperating Teachers. Statistics prove that tutors produce positive results.


  • sincere
  • responsible
  • reliable
  • like children
  • have Federal-Work Study
  • or want to volunteer and help make a difference

For more information call 516-299-3812 or E-mail: