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Quality Programs for Children & Their Families
Children's Academy at Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus offers classes for children ages 3 to 12. These classes will allow children to enrich their minds and exercise their bodies while taking advantage of the resources and facilities at one of the nation's largest private universities.

Starting Saturday, March 23: Children’s Academy at LIU Brooklyn will offer a full morning of swim classes for ages 8 months to 12. No classes on Easter (March 30) or Memorial Day (May 25) weekends.

Learn basic swimming skills, build confidence and have fun too! Our classes, held in one of Brooklyn's best pools, are right for children of all levels. Children are arranged by experience to ensure optimal instruction.

Classes are priced at $45 per 45-minute session except for Baby and Me Swim, which is $30 per 30-minute session.

Our swim instructors are Division I athletes, experienced, exceptionally patient and know how to get results! For the past 14 years we’ve offered the best swimming classes in Brooklyn on Saturdays.

Guppy 1 (Learn Level 1 – Ages 3 - 6 yrs): 8AM-8:45AM or 11AM-11:45AM $45 per 45-minute session

Guppy 2 (Learn Level 2 – Ages 3 - 6 yrs): 8AM-8:45AM or 10AM-10:45AM $45 per 45-minute session

Guppy Level 1 and 2 swim classes are engineered to help young swimmers get comfortable in the water. Through focused activities and assisted support, our instructors emphasizes numerous swimming techniques including: blowing bubbles through mouth and nose, bobbing; retrieving submerged objects; front and back glides and floats; rolling from front to back and back to front; introduction to front crawl and back crawl stroke.


Minnow (Learn Level 2/3 – Ages 4 - 8 yrs): 9AM-9:45AM or 11AM-11:45AM $45 per 45-minute session

Minnow Level swim classes are geared towards more experienced swimmers who want to build upon skills they already possess. Students learn more advanced swimming methods such as: proper breathing techniques (rhythmic breathing); changing directions while on back and front; treading water in the deep and shallow ends of the pool. Swim instructors introduce and reaffirm numerous strokes on front and back with an emphasis on front crawl stroke, back crawl stroke, elementary back stroke, and side stroke.


Shark 1 (Learn Level 4 – Ages 7 - 12 yrs): 8AM-8:45AM or 10AM-10:45AM $45 per 45-minute session

Shark Level swim classes are the most advanced instruction LIU Children's Academy offers. Within this level there's an emphasis on stroke development and improved stamina. Through the use of lap swim, drills, games and activities, students gain confidence and improve upon their front crawl stroke, back crawl stroke, elementary back stroke, and side stroke. Participants are introduced to the breast stroke and butterfly stroke.


Baby and Me Swim Classes (Ages 8 mnths - 3 yrs): 9AM-9:45AM or 11AM-11:45AM $30 per 30-minute session

Baby and Me Swim Classes allow parents and their children to develop a shared love for swimming, Instructor-led lessons instill confidence and enable young learners to acquire fundamental swimming and safety techniques that will be of lifelong benefit.  Our lessons create a positive environment that helps each participant develop skills at their own pace  while spending quality time with a trusted adult. Parents are provided clear instruction on how best to encourage their child to swim.


Times are subject to change.

For information: contact Children's Academy at 718-780-6025 or email


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