Center for Urban Educators

Center for Urban Educators (CUE)

The mission of the Center for Urban Educators (CUE) is the reform of urban teacher education. The vision of teaching and schools guiding the Center’s work is one that supports teachers as socially responsible people who are intellectually engaged and act as advocates of children, parents, and their communities. The Center works within the School of Education of Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus and in partnership with New York City public schools.

CUE’s core values are beliefs in human capacity and worth and in the importance of educating for democracy. The Center puts diverse perspectives and experiences alongside each other with the aim of getting beyond convention and creating new possibilities for teaching. In order to create these opportunities, CUE supports educators’ use of observation, description, and story as ways of generating understanding out of the lived experiences of teaching and learning. CUE incorporates descriptive inquiry to enact its values.

In its efforts to further its mission, CUE has developed a multifaceted community of future teachers, university professors, and teachers and administrators in public schools. CUE works with New York City public schools, forms collaborations with educators both within and beyond Long Island University Brooklyn Campus and supports publications.


School of Education
LLC 2nd Floor
Dr. Albert Inserra, Dean