Conolly College offers an interdisciplinary major leading to an associate or bachelor’s degree in Humanities. This flexible program is intended to serve students who already are established in careers or whose professional goals and personal interests require an unique course of study that combines many subjects. Students are permitted into the program only with the approval of the coordinator of the Division and, subsequently, must be closely counseled by a faculty member in their department of concentration in order to develop a coherent and well-integrated program.

Some common academic combinations that are well suited to a degree in Humanities include: computer science and business; media and/or entrepreneurship and technology; sociology and gender studies; political science, urban studies, and economics; Africana studies, history, and education; theater and communications studies; school counseling and art therapy; and business and foreign languages.

A.A. in Humanities
B.A. in Humanities

Why Major in Humanities?

Humanities students design their own academic course based on their goals and interests, so there is a very broad scope of career paths available. Our graduates become writers and authors, teachers, counselors, social workers, and advocates; they work in government, nonprofit organizations, and international relations. Entrepreneurship and business ownership are also very common.


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