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Chris League

Christopher League

Associate Professor of Computer Science

B.S., Johns Hopkins UniversityM.S., University of Maryland, College ParkPh.D., Yale University


Professor League is dedicated to making software development more secure, convenient and fun. He collects programming languages, studies next-generation features and helps students to comprehend the foundations of computing. Professor League contributes to various free and open-source software projects.


Programming Languages, Operating Systems and Artificial Intelligence; Compilers, Type Theory and Computer Security


  • Author, “Something for Everyone: AI Lab Assignments that Span Learning Styles and Aptitudes,” published in the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges (2008)
  • Co-author, “Schema-Based Compression of XML Data with Relax NG,” published in the Journal of Computers (2007)
  • Author, “MetaOCaml Server Pages: Web Publishing as Staged Computation,” published in Science of Computer Programming (2006)
  • Co-author, “Typed Compilation Against Non-Manifest Base Classes,” published in Proceedings of the Workshop on the Construction and Analysis of Safe, Secure, and Interoperable Smart Devices (2006)


  • Recipient, Award for Teaching Excellence, University of Maryland (1996)
  • Recipient, IBM Outstanding Undergraduate Award, Johns Hopkins University (1995)

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), including special interest groups on programming languages (SIGPLAN) and computer science education (SIGCSE)
  • Member, IEEE Computer Society