Placement Examination - Out of State Student

Testing CenterIf you live out-of-state, you may request a paper and pen placement for English and Mathematics OR you may take the Online Writing Assessment for English only.

The paper and pen placement exam can be given in one sitting of 4 hours or in two sittings of 2 hours each. This includes 2 hours for English and 2 hours for Mathematics. You may take less time if you wish, but 4 hours is the maximum time allowed. Please note: Long Island University will not charge any fee for this testing service. However, some colleges or universities may charge a fee for administering the exam. Any fees are the responsibility of the student.

Follow these easy steps to request a paper and pen out-of-state placement:

  1. Ask your guidance counselor if he or she would be willing to administer the examination.
  2. Or you may contact a local college or university and speak to a testing, learning, or counseling center.
  3. Ask the counselor or administrator to email or fax a letter on the school’s letterhead to Mr. Andres Marulanda ( in our Testing Center. The letter should include the counselor or administrator’s name and title as well as state that he or she is willing to administer the Placement Examination for you. Please be sure the letter includes your name as the person who is taking the exam and your LIU student ID number. Our fax number at the Testing Center is 718- 246-6333. PLEASE ASK YOUR COUNSELOR OR ADMINISTRATOR TO INCLUDE HIS/HER E-MAIL ADDRESS.
  4. As soon as we receive the request, we will verify the information and send the exam directly to the counselor or administrator.
  5. After completing the exam, the counselor or administrator will return the exam to us, via first class mail to:

    Andres Marulanda – Testing Center
    One University Plaza - LLC, 4th floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11201-5372

    The exam will take 5 to 10 days to arrive back in our office. Call us at 718-488-1392 for results approximately 5 business days after we receive your examination.
  6. Please contact the Testing Center regarding the results before visiting campus. Placement Exam results must be available in order to proceed with registration.

Online Writing Assessment:

If you live out-of-state and have to take an English placement, you may want to consider taking our web-based test. This online assignment will give you more time to read and think about the topic while having the opportunity to revise, edit, and compose the essay in a more comfortable environment at any off-site location using any word-processing software. You do not need to contact any guidance counselor or administrator. Please visit our Online Writing Assessment website at to further explore this option. Please read the overview, schedule/dates, and preparation tabs and send us an email accordingly.

(Note: You may still have to request a paper and pen Mathematics placement to be deliver to your guidance counselor or administrator.)

Retesting is an option under certain conditions. Please contact the Testing Center at 718-488-1392 to check if you are eligible for a retest.

We are very happy to offer you these convenient options. Please contact us if we can help you further. Thank you for your interest in LIU.