Policy for Students with Disabilities

New York State guidelines indicate that recent federal and state laws require colleges and universities to provide qualified individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in all programs and services, curricular and extracurricular, which are available to non-disabled individuals, including test programs and examinations. In order to permit individuals with disabilities the opportunity to benefit from such participation, reasonable accommodations, including appropriate adjustments and modifications of examinations and activities, must be implemented. Under the law, reasonable accommodations are offered at LIU Brentwood for individuals with disabilities.

Students with disabilities will receive basic academic accommodations by their individual professors and their academic departments. Accommodations will be made by other Campus departments as required for non-academic matters. Students with disabilities, who desire accommodations, must submit appropriate documentation of their disabilities to the LIU Post Disability Support Services Office (DSS). Appropriate professional staff at the LIU Post DSS Office will review and evaluate this documentation, establish confidential files, and provide the student with appropriate accommodations forms that the student will present to the teaching faculty. Prior to the beginning of each semester students with disabilities must contact the LIU Post DSS Office to obtain the appropriate accommodations forms to present to the professors. Other Campus departments will be notified, as necessary, of the needs for additional accommodations noted in the student's documentation.


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