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Brain Bee

The Brain Bee is a not‐for profit neuroscience competition for high school students. Our Brain Bee is a live question and answer competition that tests the knowledge of high school students and attempts to motivate students to learn about the brain, to capture their imaginations, and to inspire them to pursue careers in biomedical brain research. There are currently over 140 Local Brain Bees worldwide that conduct competitions annually and our competition at LIU-Post is one of the best! The winner of each Local Bee is invited to attend a National Brain Bee competition and the winner of each National Bee is invited to compete in the International Brain Bee Championship which is held in various parts of the world. In the past, LIU-Post has provided our local winner and one parent or chaperone with an all expense paid trip to the National Bee. The LIU-Post Brain Bee is co‐chaired by neuroscientist and professor, Dr. Grace Rossi and Susan Ansbro, who also run 2 free workshops introducing the basics of neuroscience prior to the competition. Dr. Norbert Myslinski founded the International Brain Bee 14 years ago to motivate young students to learn about the brain and inspire them to seek careers in the basic and clinical neurosciences to help treat and cure diseases of the brain and nervous system. Dr. Myslinski is on the faculty of the University of Maryland Department of Neural and Pain Sciences in Baltimore while Dr. Rossi and Susan Ansbro are members of LIU-Post.

Due to the restructuring of the LIU-Post Brain Bee program, we will not be hosting a local brain bee this year. The closest local Brain Bee competition will be held in New York City.  The registration deadline for this bee is Friday, December 19th, 2014.  All questions about the New York City bee should be directed to the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives at 212-401-1689.