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George Polk Awards

George Polk Awards

Coming this fall—the George Polk Awards will be accepting electronic submissions for 2014! Check back for updates.

The George Polk Awards are conferred annually to honor special achievement in journalism. They were established by Long Island University in 1949 to commemorate Polk, a CBS correspondent murdered the year before while covering the Greek civil war. Winners are chosen from newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online news organizations. Judges place a premium on investigative and enterprise work that is original, requires digging and resourcefulness, and brings results. Some of the most respected names in journalism have won Polk Awards, including Edward R. Murrow, Christiane Amanpour, Carl Bernstein, David Halberstam, Gay Talese, Fred Friendly, I.F. Stone, Morley Safer, Joseph Lelyveld, Anthony Lukas and Walter Cronkite. The awards are presented each spring at a luncheon in Manhattan and are preceded the night before by the Polk Seminar, which features a panel of winners discussing topics in journalism.

Winners of 2013 George Polk Awards

Four reporters who revealed the extent of secret surveillance and massive data collected by the National Security Agency won Long Island University's George Polk Awards in 2013. The four—from the British newspaper The Guardian and The Washington Post—were among 30 recipients from 15 news organizations who were recognized in 13 categories of outstanding work.

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