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Office of Student & Professional Affairs

Dr. Kenza Benzeroual, Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs
Lauren Bhogal, Academic Adviser
Nicole Sanks, Admissions Coordinator

The Office of Student and Professional Affairs serves as an advisement and resource center for students enrolled in the professional programs of LIU Pharmacy. The office provides students with academic and personal advisement, registration materials, information on scholastic standing, scholarship applications, applications for intern permits and board examinations, listings of intern positions and other employment opportunities, information on student activities and professional organizations and other services and information of interest to entry-level professional pharmacy students.

Academic and personal advisement is provided by a professional staff knowledgeable of the pharmacy curricula and empathetic to the needs and concerns of professional students. Additionally, the staff assists students with course selection and registration; coordinates open houses for prospective students; facilitates student workshops on study habits and time management; prepares scholarship letters; assists in the review of applicants and coordinates the interview schedule of applicants; and assists in matters of progression and scholastic review of students.