Design and Digital Technologies

B.F.A. in Digital Game Design and Development

The Digital Game Design and Development program at LIU Post offers a project-based curriculum that allows students to develop skills in all areas of game development, including game design, computer programing, and visual design. The program focuses heavily on game creation, so during their time at LIU Post, students will work on several solo and group-based projects, giving them a chance to develop a broad range of game development skills. Before graduating, students complete a capstone thesis project, which can be used as a portfolio piece in a job application or as an independent commercial project.

According to the Entertainment Software Association, the video game industry is growing at a rate four times as fast as the U.S. economy. Upon graduation, students will be ready for a variety of positions in the game industry, such as game designer, programmer, visual designer, and game producer.

This rigorous program prepares students for a career in the game industry as well as other related industries. LIU Post’s proximity to New York City’s vibrant commercial and artistic communities provides students with opportunities to interact with key figures in the game industry and helps them develop career opportunities.

The Digital Game Design and Development program is taught in a dedicated digital games lab featuring 25 computers running OSX and Windows, multiple projectors, a large TV screen, and the latest video game consoles. Students have access to a wide variety of software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity, Microsoft Office, and Maya.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

In addition to specific scholarships offered within the School of Visual and Performing Arts, LIU Post recognizes the difficulties students face with financing their education and distributes millions of dollars in aid each year to qualified recipients. For more information call 516-299-2338 or visit Enrollment Services.


Contact Andy Wallace or Ramiro Corbetta

School of Visual and Performing Arts
Department of Communications and Film

Core Requirements
In addition to all major requirements, students pursuing the B.F.A. in Digital Game Design & Development must satisfy all core curriculum requirements as follows:
POST 101 1 credit
First-Year Composition 6 credits
Economics/Political Science 6 credits
Fine Arts 3 credits (excluding all ART courses)
History/Philosophy 6 credits(in one area)
Laboratory Science 4 credits
Language/Literature 6 credits
Mathematics 3 - 4 credits
Social Sciences 6 credits
Competencies Computer, Library, Oral
For a more detailed listing of these requirements, see the core curriculum section of this bulletin.

Every Digital Game Design & Development student must take all the required courses listed below before graduating. Required courses add up to 37 credits.

Courses marked with an asterisk* have prerequisites. Look at the appropriate section of the course bulletin to find the prerequisites for each course.

Major Requirements
Required Digital Game Design Courses
DGD 1 Introduction to Game Design 3.00
DGD 2 Games Through History 3.00
DGD 3 Game Studies 3.00
DGD 4 Digital Game Development 1 3.00
DGD 5 Digital Game Development 2* 3.00
DGD 6 Digital Game Development 3* 3.00
DGD 91 Senior Game Project* 4.00
Required Co-Related Courses
CGPH 16 Digital Imaging 3.00
CGPH 20 3-D Modeling & Animation 1* 3.00
CS 101 Introduction to Computers and Programming 3.00
CS 106 GUI Programming* 3.00
MUS 16G Sounds Like Fun and Games 3.00
Game Electives and Concentration Sequences
Students must complete 33 credits from the following list of Game Electives. Students who want to complete the Computer Programming for Games concentration must take the following courses as part of their Game Electives: CS 111, CS 116, CS 127, and CS 133. Students who want to complete the Visual Design for Games concentration must take the following courses as part of their Game Electives: ART 11, CGPH 7, CGPH 18, and CGPH 21.
CS 111 Object Oriented Programming I* 3.00
CS 116 Intermediate Data Structures and Algorithms* 3.00
CS 127 Introduction to Game Design (CS)* 3.00
CS 133 Analysis & Logic Design 3.00
CS 231 Database Fundamentals* 3.00
CS 237 Human-Computer Interaction* 3.00
CS 245 Working in a Team Environment* 3.00
CS 254 Artificial Intelligence and Games* 3.00
CS 257 Computer Graphics* 3.00
CS 263 Game Progrmaming I* 3.00
CS 267 Scientific Foundations for Games* 3.00
CS 271 Game Programming II* 3.00
CGPH 7 Digital Illustration 1 3.00
CGPH 8 Digital Illustration 2* 3.00
CGPH 9 Digital Typography* 3.00
CGPH 11 Interaction Design 1 3.00
CGPH 14 Interaction Design 2* 3.00
CGPH 18 Digital Imaging Synthesis* 3.00
CGPH 21 3-D Modeling and Animation 2* 3.00
ART 1 Introduction to Visual Arts 3.00
ART 5 Introduction to Basic Drawing 3.00
ART 11 Life Drawing 3.00
ART 12 Life Drawing 2* 3.00
ENG 182 Introduction to Creative Writing* 3.00
ENG 282 Fiction Writing* 3.00
ENG 285 Screenwriting* 3.00
MTH 3 College Algebra and Trigonometry* 3.00
MTH 7 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I* 3.00
MTH 19 Basic Statistics 3.00
BDST 4 Digital Audio Production* 3.00
BDST 11 Production Essentials: Audio 3.00
CMA 10 Media Law and Ethics 3.00
MUS 1 Introduction to Musical Concepts 3.00
MUS 2 Elementary Musicianship 3.00
MUS 14A Introduction to Music Technology 3.00
MUS 14B Intermediate/Advanced MIDI Sequencing* 3.00
MUS 14C Intermediate/Advanced Notation* 3.00
CIN 25 Animation and Computer Graphics Workshop 3.00
CIN 26 Intermediate Animation and Computer Graphics Workshop* 3.00
CIN 27 Advaned Animation and Computer Graphics Workshop* 3.00
DGD XX Any DGD course not listed above X.XX
Credit and GPA Requirements
Minimum Total Credits: 129 (128 for transfer students)
Minimum Liberal Arts Credits: 36
Minimum Major Credits: 70
Minimum Overall GPA: 2.50
Minimum Major GPA: 2.75


College of Arts, Communications & Design
Steven Breese, Dean

Moreen Mitchell, J.D.
Assistant Dean