Media Arts

Media Arts

The Department of Media Arts offers dynamic undergraduate and graduate degree programs with specialized professional tracks in digital audio, computer graphics, film/TV/video production, media studies, media management, screenwriting, video journalism, and photography.

Students from around the world cultivate their creativity in the Department’s state-of-the-art production labs and facilities, while receiving personalized instruction and mentoring from the talented and experienced faculty and staff members.

Both undergraduate and graduate students who choose a major in Media Arts also have the opportunity to take part in exciting, challenging internships in New York City, the media capital of the world.

B.A. in Media Arts (Computer Graphics)

The Media Arts Department offers a comprehensive concentration in computer graphics and animation with state-of-the-art facilities for learning and production. Four multiplatform, fully equipped, networked computer labs support high-end classes in: graphics, painting and illustration, digital imaging, digital sculpture, 2D and 3D computer animation, interactive media design, Web design, and digital publishing. Professional and high-end peripherals supply students with full web and video output for reel production, and exhibition-grade large-format printing for portfolio presentation. Our comprehensive academic program is further complemented by our competitive internship/job placement program which successfully places students in the new media production industry.

B.A. in Media Arts (Digital Audio)

The Digital Audio concentration offers hands-on experience and individually assigned studio hours on cutting-edge equipment, which allow students to further their skills and knowledge through class lectures and self-experimentation. Media Arts 101 Audio Prod. I (see below) covers microphones, live recording, multitrack mixing, and mixing board concepts. Media Arts 107 Digital Audio I, Media Arts 110 Digital Audio II, Media Arts 114 Digital Audio III series of classes focus on multitrack MIDI and hard disk audio recording, editing, mixing and locking sound to a moving image. These classes are appropriate for soundtrack design, sound effects design, or straight ahead music composition and recording. A minimum of 3 hours per week of studio time is assigned to each student, and additional hours are available for larger projects. The primary software packages used are the latest versions of MOTU Digital Performer and Pro Tools for the Mac and PC.

B.A. in Media Arts (Film, Directing, T.V. Production)

To prepare students for rewarding careers in moving image production, the Media Arts Department offers a concentration that includes acting, multi-camera TV studio production, non-linear editing, production management, screenplay & script writing, video field production and traditional 16mm film production courses. All classes are held on campus in the Department's state-of-the-art labs and facilities.

B.A. in Media Arts (Film & T.V. Studies)

The Film, Television and Media Studies concentration focuses on a variety of paths students may pursue for employment as writers, teachers, archivists, museum personnel. This concentration also aims to enhance student knowledge of film and television for use in the creative fields of directing, cinematography, screenwriting and acting. Areas of study include: American and World Film History, including African-American Film History; Genre and Auteur Studies with courses on Film Noir, Teens Films and American Auteurs from Hitchcock to David Lynch to Charles Burnett; and Television Studies, including a critical History of Television Genres.

B.A. in Media Arts (Media Management)

For would-be producers in music, design, movie and television industries, this Concentration in Media Management focuses on training in management & business of media organizations, financing, programming, communications law and all issues relating to art & commerce.

B.A. in Media Arts (On-Camera Performance)

To prepare students for careers in on-camera performance, this concentration offers courses in acting, directing, voice-over, on-stage performance as well as auditions.

B.A. in Media Arts (Photography)

The photography department is based on the making and understanding of photo-based images. Students work in virtually all modes of photography with the goal of pursuing a career as a freelance or commercial photographer/artist, or for admission to graduate school. The digital revolution has caused a significant change in the field of photography. The Department's goal is to introduce both traditional and digital classes in unison. Students are encouraged to become fluent in all aspects of photographic technologies. Students take classes in beginning / intermediate / advanced photography, creative and alternative processes. They can take beginning and advanced color classes as well as studio/production and photo history. The digital classes include all levels of digital photography and digital printmaking.

The photography equipment is all new and includes three different darkrooms. The beginning darkroom has new Saunders 4x5 enlargers. A state of the art intermediate/advanced darkroom has cold light head Zone VI enlargers, and the color darkroom has a new 20" HOPE color processor for C-printing as well as individual color darkrooms. The department has a film processing room and a photo studio with professional lighting equipment. The digital equipment has all been upgraded to state of the art. The department is committed to instruct students with the best tools in the business. For scanning images, the department has both Scitex professional quality flatbed scanners, as well as Nikon film scanners. The department uses the most current versions of all the standard digital editing software.

B.A. in Media Arts (Screenplay)

For would-be writers and directors in television, movie, animation and interactive industries, this Concentration offers students a wide range of creative writing classes that teach different formats, genres and skills. Course topics include: story design, story boards, character development, documentary writing, screen/teleplay design, sit-com, horror, drama, experimental and much more!

B.F.A. in Computer Arts

This degree offers a comprehensive program model in Computer and Digital Arts with a high number of creative studio classes that are designed to prepare students for the competitive digital production marketplace, and to help them develop mastery of the various disciplines within the field. The program offers renowned and award winning digital and computer artists alongside practicing professionals from the field as faculty.

Studio classes take advantage of extensive state-of-the-art facilities including 3 networked graphics and animation computer labs with high-end peripherals, digital video computer labs, a multicam television studio, a 5.1 surround sound digital audio lab and recording studio, MIDI audio labs, digital and wet photography labs, and multiple screening facilities.

In addition to the intensive hands-on program, students have access to extensive production and exhibition facilities for their senior year thesis, portfolio, and demo reel production. The program also offers competitive internships and job placement in the industry.

M.A. in Media Arts

Whether you're just graduating or a seasoned professional, this 36-credit degree offers the tools you'll need to compete and succeed in a wide range of writing, design, production, creative and media careers.

The Master of Arts in Media Arts is a unique interdisciplinary program which builds new bridges of understanding between the traditional and the modern, between media concepts and skills application, between media arts and other fields of study.

Students have access to extensive media facilities such as: multiplatform and networked computer labs with production grade workstations for CG and animation; a multicam TV studio; digital video labs and editing bays; digital audio and MIDI labs with a full recording studio; wet and digital photo labs; large format printers; cameras and assorted media peripherals, large theatrical screening spaces; 3 campus-based galleries for exhibitions; and smart classrooms.

M.F.A. in Media Arts

This 60-credit terminal degree offers students hands-on experience with the latest technologies for content creation across multiple disciplines. Students have the opportunity to learn and develop their full artistic vision for exhibition and screening using the most advanced techniques and tool sets.

Five Areas of Concentration
  • Music, Sound Design, Sound for Picture
  • Animation, Interactive, Web Design
  • Directing, Editing, Performance, Screenwriting
  • Producing, Marketing
  • Traditional, Digital, Experimental

M.F.A. in Writing and Producing for Television

LIU’s acclaimed TV Writers Studio (TVWS) is a one-of-a-kind writing practicum created by Norman Steinberg, an Emmy Award winner and veteran screenwriter whose credits include Blazing Saddles, My Favorite Year, Johnny Dangerously, Mr. Mom, and many others. Pure and simple, the goal of the TVWS is to educate and to develop highly skilled, experienced professionals with strong portfolios who will be prepared to begin careers in the television industry as writer/producer/entrepreneurs.

Each year, the TVWS has two cohorts running side-by-side: one in its first year, the other in its second and final year. The students invited to participate in the TVWS become part of an intensive, two year curriculum of study during which they function collaboratively like the staff of an ongoing television series; and independently, as writer/creators of their own TV series pilot and web series.

Upon completing the 48 credit program, each student will graduate with an M.F.A in Writing and Producing for Television which. Classes are held at the state-of-the-art Steiner Studios, a 305,000-square-foot Hollywood-style production and support facility in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard.

“The students chosen to join the TV Writers StudioSM will find out what it’s like to be on the day-to-day writing staff of a TV series where they will experience the joy of collaborating on a pilot script and the agony of eating awful Chinese take-out at two in the morning.” – Norman Steinberg

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Digital Art & Design

The B.F.A. in Computer Art program offers an applied art, design, and technology curriculum with multiple specialized tracks:
• Computer Graphics and Digital Illustration
• Computer Animation
• 3D Modeling and Rendering
• Digital Design • Digital Audio and Computer Sound Design
• Interactive Media and Web Design
• Broadcast Design and Special Effects for Film and Video
• Integrated Computer Arts

TV Writer's Studio

This unique two-year M.F.A. program in Writing and Producing for Television puts you to work in a real-world writer's room where you'll learn the ropes of this exciting profession.