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Department of History

Department of HistoryStudying history offers both personal rewards and practical advantages. As one of the oldest scholarly disciplines, history enables us to explore the accumulated experience of men and women through the ages, to trace the growth and diversity of their social, cultural and political endeavors and to appreciate the techniques that great historians have used to organize and understand the record of human accomplishment. In addition to instilling an intellectual interest that you can pursue on your own for the rest of your life, majoring in history can lead to many fulfilling and successful careers.

Students enrolled in the B.A. in History are required to take History 1, History 2 and an additional 27 credits of Advanced History, and one course from the Social Science 200 series. Students work with a Department adviser to determine the sequence of courses taken. To minor in history, students must complete 12 credits (four courses) of 100-level or higher history courses.

LIU Brooklyn offers the M.S. in Social Science with a concentration in History. The History Department offers graduate history courses periodically.