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Appeal Policy for Student Withdrawals

Types and Definitions

An appeal may be granted due to circumstances beyond the student's control that prevented him/her from dropping or withdrawing from a course(s) within the published deadlines. The circumstances must have interrupted the student's ability to attend classes for a substantial length of time, complete the semester, or adhere to the usual drop, withdrawal or refund policy.

Deadline for Filing a Late Drop or Withdrawal Appeal

Students will be given one year following the end of the semester in which a course(s) was taken to petition a drop/withdrawal retroactively. Financial Aid adjustments will not be made after July 31 of the following year in accordance with the Department of Education regulations. 

Student Action

A student may appeal in person, by fax, or email by submitting a signed and completed Student Appeal Request Form along with the required documentation to the Office of the Registrar by the appropriate appeals deadline.   All appeal requests must be submitted by the student. Appeals submitted by a parent, legal guardian or spouse will be accepted only if the student is incapacitated.

Required Documentation

  •  A written statement from the student: must clearly state the request, the reason for the request and the type of resolution they are seeking. The statement must explain why the appeal request is justified. In addition, information regarding extenuating or unusual circumstances that impacted his/her situation must be included.
  • Supporting documentation: may include the following
    • Proof of attending another Institution
    • Proof of deployment
    • Death Certificate or obituary statement
    • Documentation of medical diagnosis and visit dates
    • Records of hospitalization, mental health or drug treatment
    • Other supporting documentation supporting the inability to follow the normal drop/withdrawal deadlines

University Action

The campus Registrar will work with the Office of Student Financial Services and other individuals on campus to gather information, review the appeal, and make a determination based on the merits of the information provided.  In certain cases, the Office of the Provost will make the final decision.  Students will be informed of the outcome of their appeal in writing.

Impact on the Student's Record, Tuition and Fees, and Financial Aid

Approval Impact

  • Late Drop:   If approved, course(s) will be removed from the student's transcript. This action may result  as a total cancellation of the student's record. If the drop changes the student's status, financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Late Withdrawal: If approved, a "W" grade will be assigned for the course or courses and will appear on the student's transcript. Students who wish to have their tuition and fee charges adjusted must file a tuition and fee appeal.
  • Tuition and Fee Refund: Students requesting a review of tuition and fee liability due to a late drop or withdrawal must provide compelling evidence that prohibited the student from dropping or withdrawing during the Tuition Refund period. If approved, tuition and fee liability will be recalculated based on the date of the official withdrawal or drop. Any financial aid received will not be adjusted.  If a Return of Title IV calculation was already performed prior to the appeal, aid will not be adjusted.  

Denial Impact

No adjustment will be made to the student's record, tuition, fees and financial aid.

Acceptable Requests

  • Student illness or medical emergency - may occur when a student is diagnosed with a major medical illness or injury that significantly interfered with the student's ability to officially withdraw from the University. Supporting documentation must be on physician letterhead (including phone number).  Physician statement must be signed and dated. A statement must also include that the medical situation is preventing the student from attending classes for a substantial length of time, completing the semester and/ or prevent the student from adhering to the usual withdrawal procedures.
  • Involuntary Call to Military Duty - may occur when a student in the U.S. Reserves or in the National Guard is called to active duty or when an International student is called to active duty in his/her home country.  Students should submit copies of orders that clearly indicate the date of deployment.
  • Death of a student or immediate family member - Immediate family member is defined as: parent, spouse, sibling or child. Students must submit a death certificate, obituary, or death notice. If not clearly stated, documentation is needed to indicate the relationship to the student. 
  • Other extraordinary events