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Student Health Insurance

LIU Student Financial ServicesOVERVIEW

During the 2013-14 academic year, Long Island University has partnered with Gallagher Koster to develop a cost-effective Student Health Insurance Plan that provides our students and families with robust medical coverage at school, back home, and while traveling or studying abroad. The 2013-14 Plan compliant with second phase of Federal Health Care Reform and offers students and their dependents access to a network of doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies throughout the country, benefit maximums increased to $500,000 per condition per policy year, improved prescription drug benefits. The insurance company is now UnitedHealthcare and the claims company is UnitedHealthcare StudentResources.

The Student Health Insurance Plan is available to any and all students enrolled and registered in degree-granting programs at Long Island University. Students participating in programs at the University that require foreign travel are mandated to enroll in the Plan, even if they have comparable coverage. All international students, clinical students, residential students, Global College and intercollegiate athletes are automatically enrolled in the Plan but can waive participation online at if they have comparable coverage under a family plan or other policy. All remaining students are not automatically enrolled but eligible to purchase the same Plan on a voluntary basis for the entire policy year. Students who enter during the Spring and Summer terms can also participate in the plan with shorter coverage periods, reduced rates, and specific enrollment/waiver deadlines.

Beginning on August 15th, students can go to and click on the “Student Health Insurance” link from the Student Center Home Page to voluntarily enroll in the Plan, waive coverage, print temporary ID cards, and file or check claims. Coverage begins on August 15, 2013, which represents the start of the plan year, and extends through August 14, 2014. You can also visit the Gallagher Koster website directly by clicking here.

Remember that if you have been automatically enrolled in the plan and wish to waive coverage, you must go online and receive confirmation by the waiver deadlines listed below.

If you require additional assistance, please call the Long Island University's Office of Student Financial Services at 516-299-2553.



Annual Plan: August 15 - September 30, 2013
Spring Plan: January 1 - February 15, 2014
Summer Plan: May 15 – July 8, 2014

Please enroll or waive online at within the periods noted above to ensure that you have the proper coverage. Please note that you must provide evidence that you have other insurance that provides the necessary coverage.


  • Mandatory and Compulsory/Hard Waiver Students - $1599.00
  • Voluntary Students - $4,538
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner - $5,670
  • Child(ren) - $4,688

Compulsory/Hard Waiver Students:
Eligibility is defined as students enrolled in a clinical degree program, participating in intercollegiate athletics, international status, Global College and/or students residing on campus.  Charges are placed on the student's account statement prior to the start of the Fall term.  These students are permitted to waive out by the deadlines noted above, provided they have insurance that provides the necessary coverage.  Students who waive will see a credit.

NOTE: New students who enter during the Spring or Summer terms will participate in the Plan with prorated coverage periods and rates.