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Undergraduate Information

Fall 2015 Course Schedule is available online. To download the Fall 2015 Course Schedule CLICK HERE.

Fall 2015 Academic Calendar

Registration Information

Online registration for Fall 2015 begins March 16. All undergraduate students must meet with their advisor prior to registration.   

Undergraduate Advisor

Professor John Brush: 631-287-8156,

Registration online is accessed through your MyLIU account. If you are having difficulty accessing your MyLIU account, you may contact the Center for Student Information (CSI) at 516-299-3967 or complete the Support Form at (allow at least 4 hours for a response). Once logged into the system, you will be able to begin registering for classes at the applicable time (see below). To view your enrollment date, go to your Student Center in MyLIU. This information is in the “Enrollment Dates” section on the right side of the screen. If no Fall 15 enrollment date information is listed, it could mean that you are not eligible to enroll at this time. 

The most common reasons this could be the case are:

  • You are a May 2015 degree candidate
  • You have a Student Financials Services hold that requires you contact Student Financial Services before you can enroll
  • You were admitted provisionally for Spring 15 term only and need to have your status reviewed/updated by Admissions in order to continue enrolling.

Registration Appointment Schedule

 Wednesday, March 18
[5:59 a.m.]    UGRAD students – 105 or more credits earned (first 2/3 of pop.)
     [11:59 a.m.]  UGRAD students – 105 or more credits earned (remaining 1/3)

Thursday, March 19
[5:59 a.m.]    UGRAD students – 90 - 104 credits earned (first 2/3 of pop.)
    [11:59 a.m.]  UGRAD students – 90 - 104 credits earned (remaining 1/3)

Friday, March 20
[5:59 a.m.]    UGRAD students – 75 - 89 credits earned (first 2/3 of pop.)
    [11:59am]     UGRAD students – 75 - 89 credits earned (remaining 1/3)

Monday, March 23
    [5:59 a.m.]    UGRAD students – 60 - 74 credits earned (first 2/3 of pop.)
    [11:59 a.m.]  UGRAD students – 60 - 74 credits earned (remaining 1/3)

Tuesday, March 24
[5:59 a.m.]    UGRAD students – 45 - 59 credits earned (first 2/3 of pop.)
    [11:59 a.m.]  UGRAD students – 45 - 59 credits earned (remaining 1/3)

Wednesday, March 25
[5:59 a.m.]     UGRAD students – 30 - 44 credits earned (first 2/3 of pop.)

March 31      Open Enrollment

You may also add and drop classes during the University’s open enrollment period which extends through the end of the second week of the Fall 2015 term. Online registration instructions are available at the CSI site and in hard copy at the Riverhead Student Services Office. If you are unable to register online or need additional assistance with online registration, please contact your advisor.

Student Services Information

Billing, payment plans or prior balance inquiries can be directed to the Student Financial Services (Bursar) Office at LIU Post by calling 516-299-2323 or emailing Your account must be current, or paid in full before you can register for Fall 2015.

Student Financial Services questions should be directed to Christina Stromski at (631) 287-8322 or

If you have any holds on your student account that prevent you from registering for the Fall 2015 term, we suggest you attempt to resolve the issues as soon as possible. You can check your MyLIU account for holds and review the information about how to resolve each. As always, our Student Services staff members are available for questions and concerns. Please stop in, call (631) 287-8325 or email