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Evacuation Procedures

LIU Riverhead's campus building is located on the Eastern Campus of Suffolk County Community College. LIU Riverhead coordinates its evacuation procedures with Suffolk County Community College's Department of Public Safety. Evacuation routes may change depending on the nature and location of the emergency. Follow the Emergency Evacuation Procedure posted at the exit door in each classroom and office area, and follow the directions of Public Safety personnel.
If the fire alarm sounds or you are instructed to evacuate:

  • Evacuate your area using the primary evacuation path posted at the exit door to each classroom and office area. Move to at least 50 feet away from the affected building in order to allow emergency responders to access the building. Follow directions of SCCC Public Safety Officers.
  • Leave all personal belongings behind, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Walk without delay, but do not run.
  • Assist those with temporary or permanent disabilities needing special assistance evacuating.
  • Avoid any dangerous areas.
  • Try to account for all students when you reach a safe distance outside of the building.
  • Notify Public Safety if anyone is missing or injured.
  • Supervise all students; prevent them from leaving the safe distance area.
  • Remain outside; do not re-enter the building until told to do so by Public Safety or the Fire Department.

Public Safety 631-548-3636