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Courses Descriptions

NYS Course No. M-8590 - Human Rights and Fair Housing 3.0 hours:

This course will include a discussion of the federal, state, and local fair housing laws with respect to discrimination against protected classes under these laws. It will illustrate these principles of law by reviewing actual cases.

NYS Course No. M-8663 - Buyer Agency 19.5 hours:

More and more buyers are choosing to be represented by real estate brokers when looking to purchase residential properties. This course is intended to make the real estate licensees aware of their responsibilities to sellers, buyers, and other real estate agents when engaging in buyer agency.

NYS Course No. M-8664 - Antitrust and Real Estate 19.5 hours:

The consequences of federal and state antitrust violations by real estate licensees in their conduct of business can be financially costly and also result in jail sentences. This course is intended to alert the real estate licensee to the many situations that could result in antitrust violations in the course of everyday business.

NYS Course No. M-9588 - Why Sellers or Buyers Should Use The Services of a Real Estate Broker When Selling or Buying a Home 19.5 hours:

This course is intended to demonstrate to prospective sellers and buyers the advantages of enlisting the aid of a licensed real estate broker when selling or buying a home with respect to pricing, marketing, legal rights and obligations, negotiating the terms of the offer, and the need for professional representation by attorneys, licensed building inspectors, mortgage counselors, etc.

NYS Course M-9589 - Taking an Entrepreneurial Approach to Real Estate Sales 19.5 hours:

The objective of this course is to alert the real estate professional to their responsibilities to the public regarding the sale and rental of real property including the types of agency relationships that are permitted, the pricing of the property for sale and rental, the real estate agent’s responsibilities from the time of offer and acceptance until transfer of title, environmental issues and other government mandated requirements of licensed real estate professionals.