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Rep. Peter King Secures $300,000 for LIU's Homeland Security Management Institute

Will fund transportation security research, education and training


Morgan Lyle,Assistant Director of Public Relations
LIU Riverhead

Riverhead, N.Y. – Congressman Peter King of Seaford, ranking Republican on the House Committee on Homeland Security, has secured $300,000 in federal funding for transportation security research and education at LIU's Homeland Security Management Institute.

The funds will be used for the Homeland Security Management Institute's role as a member of the newly created National Transportation Security Center of Excellence. Long Island University will join six other institutes to form the Center, which will work closely with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on issues of transportation security.

“LIU is one of our nation's leading universities for higher education in the field of homeland security, so it's only fitting that it was selected for this prestigious role,” King said. “There is great need for a stronger focus on transportation security, and I am thrilled that the university will receive this funding.”

Long Island University's Homeland Security Management Institute, established in 2005, offers the first master's degree in homeland security management in New York State and one of the first in the nation, along with a graduate-level advanced certificate in homeland security management. Designed for working professionals in the fields of public safety, law enforcement, the military and private-sector security, the master's degree and advanced certificate are also Long Island University's first fully online programs.

"The Homeland Security Management Institute is deeply honored to receive this singular distinction, and we are very grateful to Congressman King for his efforts on our behalf and on behalf of the public who will benefit from a safer and more secure transportation infrastructure,” said Dr. Vincent Henry, director of the Institute. “This funding represents a great opportunity and a great responsibility for the Institute to conduct research, education and training that makes a difference in peoples' lives and safety, and in the economic viability of the nation as a whole.”

LIU's Homeland Security Management Institute is the only member of the National Transportation Security Center for Excellence to offer a degree in the field of homeland security. The Institute has been participating in and providing support for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's large-scale disaster drills and tabletop exercises.

The senior fellows of the Institute's faculty and its Board of Advisors include some of the nation's most prominent authorities, including Los Angeles Police Chief and former New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton; New York State Deputy Secretary for Public Safety Michael Balboni; Dr. Jim Miskel, former director for defense policy and arms control of the National Security Council, former assistant director of FEMA and former associate dean of academics at the Naval War College; Professor Bert Tussing, director of homeland defense and security issues at the Army War College's Center for Strategic Leadership; Dr. Stanley Supinski, a pioneer of homeland security as an academic discipline.

Other members of the National Transportation Security Center of Excellence include the National Transit Institute at Rutgers University; the Connecticut Transportation Institute at the University of Connecticut; the Mineta Transportation Institute at San José State University; Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas; Tougaloo College; and the Mack-Blackwell National Rural Transportation Study Center at the University of Arkansas.

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Posted 03/05/2008

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