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An Affordable Private Education

An Affordable Private EducationFor many people, a college education is their first big financial investment. A study by the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (cIcu) has shown that, over the course of a lifetime, a college graduate can earn $1,000,000 more than an individual with a lesser degree. So, making a high-quality private education affordable to people from all walks of life and every economic background is Long Island University’s top priority. Each year, the University provides more than $60,000,000 in scholarships and study grants – discounts in tuition that do not need to be repaid – to supplement student financial aid from state and federal sources.

Our professional financial aid counselors meet with students and their family members to ensure that they make the best decisions on how to finance their education. To learn more about the types of federal, state and institutional aid for which you may qualify, visit the financial aid Web site for the Campus you plan to attend. You will find it highly informative in guiding you in making one of the greatest investments of your life.