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History of the International Drug Information Center

IDIC Plaque The International Drug Information Center (IDIC) was established in 1973 as the Brookdale Inter-Regional Pharmaceutic and Therapeutic Drug Information Center at what was then the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy. The Center's establishment was made possible due to the generous contribution of noted philanthropists Arnold & Marie Schwartz. At the time, the main focus of the Center was to provide health professionals access to accurate, unbiased drug information, since such information was not readily available. Early resources utilized included standard reference books and specialized texts (e.g. foreign drug compendia), print journals, the College's library, and an in-house cataloging system whereby journal articles were torn and filed according to selected key words. These resources were eventually complemented with commercial drug information systems such as the deHAEN Drugs in Use system and Iowa Drug Information Service, and the ensuing availability of the Internet electronic databases.

In 1976, the Center relocated to the new complex established for the College on the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University. Shortly thereafter, the Center changed its name to the current name. With the evolution of the entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy program, the mission of the IDIC shifted to emphasize education, although service and research continued to be integral goals of the center.

Although, since its inception, the IDIC primarily sought to fulfill the drug information needs of healthcare professionals, the technological advances witnessed over the past several years had a dramatic impact on the practice of healthcare. Specifically, the Internet and its related adaptations (e.g., apps) now serve as an important source of drug information for healthcare practitioners. However, the healthcare consumer remains in need of a trusted source of information pertaining to medications. As such, the IDIC currently emphasizes a commitment to fulfilling the drug information needs of healthcare consumers. Today, the IDIC is housed within the Library Learning Center, encompassing a twelve-station computer lab, a conference center, a comprehensive library of print resources and four offices.