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Degree Requirements

Upon recommendation of the faculty, and approval by the Board of Trustees, the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy is conferred by Long Island University upon a candidate who has completed the required curriculum, containing a minimum of 218-219 academic credits (depending upon admission status). Matriculants must maintain a cumulative and a professional phase grade-point average of at least 2.33 to remain in good academic standing. In addition, all students on the Brooklyn Campus, including pharmacy students, are required to demonstrate computer proficiency as a requirement towards the attainment of a degree. All entering freshmen students are encouraged to take the Brooklyn Campus proficiency examinations in computer literacy before registering. The examinations are administered by the Brooklyn Campus Testing Center and all students must successfully complete these examinations as part of the requirements for a degree. Transfer students are also required to pass these examinations or will be granted appropriate waivers at the time of the evaluation of their transfer credits.

All students on the Brooklyn Campus must satisfy the requirements of the Writing Across the Curriculum Program (WAC). To fulfill the minimum WAC requirements, students must complete, in addition to English 16 and Core Seminar 50, at least one writing-intensive course in their discipline. The writing-intensive course for the Doctor of Pharmacy program is PHM 420 Principles of Health Behavior and Patient-provider Communication.