M.S. in Pharmaceutics - Industrial Pharmacy

M.S. in Pharmaceutics with Specialization in Industrial Pharmacy

Industrial pharmacists are responsible for quality control, using the latest technologies to research drug compounds, conduct trials to test medications for safety, and develop new drugs that save lives.

The Master of Science program in Pharmaceutics with Specialization in Industrial Pharmacy prepares students for careers in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and for entry into Ph.D. programs in pharmaceutical sciences and other related fields.

The mission of the Master of Science in Pharmaceutics with specialization in Industrial Pharmacy is to uniquely prepare students for entry into the pharmaceutical industry and for entry to the Ph.D. programs in pharmaceutical sciences and other related fields. Graduates of the program will be highly sought after by the global pharmaceutical industry to support research, development and manufacturing operations. Alumni should become positioned to assume leadership positions within the pharmaceutical industry as well as within academia thus further elevating the stature of the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, LIU Pharmacy and of the university as a whole.

Goal 1:           Demonstrate acquisition of knowledge of fundamental concepts in pharmaceutics/industrial pharmacy.

1.1         List and explain physical and chemical properties of solvents and solutes     that affect solubility, stability, and other biopharmaceutic properties/behaviors used in the development of dosage forms.

1.2         Describe the important factors necessary for the design, manufacture and evaluation of various dosage forms and other drug delivery systems.

1.3         Develop, validate and apply different instrumental analytical techniques toward the analysis of drug substances in various dosage forms.

1.4         Identify and explain the principles that govern absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drug substances, and the factors that influence these processes.

Goal 2:           Integrate advanced knowledge and concepts in pharmaceutical sciences.

2.1       Demonstrate the ability to interpret and analyze data.

2.2       Design, manufacture and evaluate dosage forms and other drug delivery systems.

2.3       Characterize and evaluate the physicochemical properties of pharmaceutical materials.

Goal 3:           Effectively communicate scientific information both orally and in writing to inform and educate professional and scientific peers.

3.1       Retrieve, analyze, and interpret the scientific literature to provide information for dissemination orally or in writing.

3.2       Verbally deliver information in an organized, persuasive and logical manner using supportive documentation and visual aids.

3.3       Create documents that are technical, analytical, relevant in content and well organized.

Goal 4:           Develop group dynamic and teamwork abilities.

4.1       Demonstrate one’s personal contributions to group projects or assignments.

4.2       Summarize information gleaned from group experiences and communicate findings.

The following courses are required for the Specialization in Industrial Pharmacy :

Students taking the Non-Thesis Option must complete 36 credits of coursework and pass the written comprehensive examination. Students taking the Thesis Option must complete 36 credits of coursework of which 6 credits are for PHS 080 Research and Thesis, pass the written comprehensive examination, submit a satisfactory thesis proposal, submit a satisfactory written thesis, and successfully defend (orally) their written thesis.

PHS 020

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Overview


PHS 931

Advanced Physical Pharmacy I


PHS 932

Advanced Physical Pharmacy II


PHS 934

Principles of Industrial Pharmacy I


PHS 935

Principles of Industrial Pharmacy II


MAT 610

Differential Equations I


PHS 972

Methods of Pharmaceutical Analysis


PHS 987

Advanced Biopharmaceutics/Pharmacokinetics


PHA 010



Students selecting the Thesis Option must register for the following course:

PHS 80

Research And Thesis (students starting Fall 2014 or after)


The following courses may be selected from as electives for the Specialization in Industrial Pharmacy:

PHS 070

Special Projects


PHS 702

Physical Chemistry II


PHS 769

Transdermal Drug Delivery


PHS 936

Dosage Form Design


PHS 937

Pharmaceutical Engineering


PHS 950

Dermatological Formulations Technology I


PHS 951

Dermatological Formulations Technology II


PHS 958

Aerosol Science and Technology


PHS 958

Aerosol Science and Technology


PHS 960

Properties/Applications of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials



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