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Blackboard for Students

What is Blackboard? How does Bb work?

Bb is an on-line course management system based on the Blackboard Learning System. It enables you to access the syllabi, course-related materials, assignments, assessments, and communication features provided by your instructor. In addition, you can access grade book, discussion boards, quizzes and tests and group work areas. Bb facilitates communication between students and instructors. Bb is an authenticated system, so that you can only gain access to the on-line content if you have registered for the class.

How do I activate a Bb account?

As soon as you activate your My LIU account and are registered for courses, you will be able to log into Blackboard. However, you may not see the courses until just prior to the start of the semester, or when advised by your instructor.
To log into Blackboard (, use the same My LIU username (firstname.lastname) and password (xxxxxxx) you have already created. If after these conditions are satisfied and you still are unable to log in, please contact your CSI.

Can I use any web browser to access Blackboard?

Blackboard is optimized for Firefox 3.0 or better, and Internet Explorer 6.0 or better on both a Mac and PC. You can access Bb from any location where you have high speed Internet.

Can I use Bb with my Mobile device? Is there an App for iPhones, Blackberries and Android phones?

Starting now with the Wi-Fi Apple® iPad™ Get the app for Mobile Learn on the Apple® iTunes App Store.
Video Link: Click here.
Expanding to Android and BlackBerry® phones on Sprint, and iPod touch® and iPhone® over Wi-Fi in June – If you’re a Higher Education institution in the U.S. or Puerto Rico Higher Education institution, Blackboard Mobile Learn will be available to Sprint subscribers on your campus with Android and Blackberry phones in June.
Blackboard Mobile Learn will be available over Wi-Fi to iPhone®/iPod touch® users,at no cost in The U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

How do I log in to Blackboard?

Using your preferred web browser, go to Once there, click on the Log in button, then use your My LIU credentials to access Blackboard.

What happens if I change my My LIU password?

The Blackboard system automatically synchs with your changes in My LIU, so any changes are immediately reflected.

What if I lose or forget my username or password?

Contact your CSI for information on how to reset your password.

Where can I find tutorials and resources to learn about the parts of Blackboard?

Check Video Tutorials or visit your local CSI on campus.
LIU Brooklyn:
Phone: 718-488-3313
LLC 301 | 9AM-5PM Mon- Fri
LIU Post
Phone: 516-299-3967
Hillwood Commons | 9AM-5PM Mon, Tues, Fri & 9AM-7PM Wed, Thurs

My instructor is using a feature of Bb that I don't know about. Where do I go for help?

Check Video Tutorials or visit your local CSI on campus.
LIU Brooklyn:
Phone: 718-488-3313
LLC 301 | 9AM-5PM Mon- Fri
LIU Post
Phone: 516-299-3967
Hillwood Commons | 9AM-5PM Mon Tues Fri & 9AM-7PM Wed Thurs

I am taking an incomplete in one of my courses this semester. Will I still be able to access that course on my Blackboard?

Your course list will be automatically updated based on the official student registration information available at the time of the update. In most circumstances the updates for official courses will occur nightly. When you add a course, you will see it in your course list when the Blackboard is updated. When you drop a course, your course status will be changed to "inactive" and you will no longer have access to it. At the end of the add/drop period, you will be purged from the course that you have dropped.

Is my course on Blackboard?

By default all of your courses appear in Blackboard. Your course instructor will let you know if the system is being used for your course.

BlackBoard for Faculty

I can see my course roster in PeopleSoft, but I do not see a course shell on the Blackboard server.

Since Blackboard is integrated with PeopleSoft course shells are automatically created the Blackboard server. Hence, faculty should be able to see a corresponding course shell if they can see a class roster for the course in their PeopleSoft account. If a class roster appears on the PeopleSoft server, but a corresponding course shell does not appear in Blackboard faculty should notify the Information Technology Resource Center, at your local campus, for technical support to have the matter investigated.

I have been working to set up my Blackboard page and I was informed that Blackboard would integrate "seamlessly" with students' My LIU accounts.

Student data is automatically populated into a course shell once it’s been created. This information come from the PeopleSoft database.

Where can my students obtain resource information on Blackboard?

Students can go to the Tutorials page to obtain student handouts and preview videos on how to navigate and engage in Blackboard.
Students can also go to the Genius Corner (located at the bottom of Pratt, the back of Subways) if they require one‐on‐one assistance. If students are encountering problems with logging into Blackboard due to a discrepancy with their MY LIU account information, they should go to the Center for Student Information (located on the 3rd floor of the Library Learning Center rm. 301).

What is the policy regarding the length of time that courses will remain on the server? What is the policy for archiving courses?

The duration that a course can remain on the Blackboard sever is 2 calendar years. Courses older than 2 calendar years will be archived and stored for a period of an additional two calendar years. Faculty may restore interation of a previous course by providing archived copy, or by restoring and referencing the course ID, section and semester from archival records.

How can I archive my courses?

Steps for faculty to maintain their own archived copy of course:

  1. While in Blackboard and within desired course, Select Packages and Utilities from Course Management.
  2. Select Export/Archive Course, click on the file name and confirm by selecting OK.
  3. Place a check box for the most current backup, click the action icon and select “Save as file”.
  4. A browse for Location window appears. Click OK to save backup copy in your “My Files” area.
  5. To retrieve the backup copy for your own safekeeping, go to the Build tab, select File Manager, and click the My Files icon at the top of your window.
  6. Your archived copy will be titled with the course ID, the date you make the backup, and ending with a “.bak ” extension. Click the action icon to download a copy to your computer. Faculty can contact the ITRC at your local campus for assistance with archiving courses.

What is the policy for combining cross‐listed courses?

Since PeopleSoft generates individual course shells for every course that faculty are scheduled to teach, faculty must contact the ITRC at your local campus and make a formal request to have the templates merged. The department chair and dean should also be copied in the request. In the request, faculty should indicate which template will be the target course (i.e., PHA 010 section 10) and which will be the source course (i.e., PHA 010 section 11). Once a course merger is processed the student information will be added into the target course, however the source course will be hidden from the students so that they only have access to target course which contains the content. Be aware that there is the probability that the content in the individual course shells may not migrate to the target when the merge operation is performed (especially if the content is updated in the source). If this occurs faculty will be required to copy the content over to the target using the Course Copy operation. Nevertheless, whenever the student data is updated in the source course, the student information will also be updated in the target.

Important Notice: Before submitting your formal request to the ITRC to have a courses merged please be sure to obtain authorization from your department chain and dean.

Some of my students indicate that they are unable to preview the content in my course. How can I address this issue?

Reasons for this may include:

  1. The document type.
  2. The browser used to access the file.
  3. The browser's pop-up blocker may not be disabled for Blackboard.

Alternative methods for making content accessible
Your students can avoid the whole process of disabling the pop‐up blocker if they go into your course using either the Firefox or Safari web browser. Another way to avoid the interference of the popblocker is to upload portable documents (html, pdf). Portable documents require the browser to convert the content; therefore the student can avoid launching any applications in order to preview content.

What is the procedure for adding individuals to my Blackboard course?

All requests should be directed to the ITRC, with the individuals' LIU credentials and a rationale for the request.

  1. If you wish to add a co-designer or co-teacher, you must have your department chair make the request. For workload changes, this request should be forwarded to the Registrar. For other roles, you may request access for:
  2. Teaching assistants
  3. Guests (provides limited permissions)

My LIU Academics

How do I request an official transcript?

You will be able to view an unofficial transcript from your portal. You can order your official transcript a number of ways:

1. Online - using “TranscriptsPlus” through Credentials Inc. who has an agreement with Long Island University to provide this service to our students and alumni. The cost of a transcript, including the processing fee, is $7.00 which must be paid using a major credit card. (Click here for the link.) You may also call Credentials Inc. at (800) 646-1858 and place a phone order. There is an additional fee for this service.

2. In-Person - by coming into the Registrar’s Office, completing the Transcript Request Form, and paying a $7.00 fee, check, money order or major credit card to Bursar.

3. A written request through the mail. You can download and complete the Transcript Request Form (click here for the form) or send a detailed letter with information to identify your record to include: Social security number; Date of birth; Name you attended under (if now different); Dates of attendance; Major (Plan); Undergraduate or graduate; Graduation date and degree, if any; Contact telephone number; Email address; Complete address where you would like the transcript mailed. The fee is $7.00, payable to Long Island University by check or money order.

How do I correct my personal information if it appears incorrect?

Please contact your campus Registrar’s Office for additional assistance.

What should I do if I think there is an error in my grades?

If you think that there is an error with your grade, please contact your campus Registrar’s Office and speak with a representative who will research and assist you in resolving this issue.

How do I register for classes?

On-line registration will become available to you in upcoming months. Continue to watch for updates. Currently, in order to register for classes, you will need to meet with your academic advisor who will assist in planning your schedule, sign off on, and will process your registration or have you take your registration card to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

How do I request an Enrollment Verification (i.e. proof of enrollment) on line?

  1. Log in to MY.LIU and click on “Student Center”
  2. On the Academic Page, click on the pull-down menu next to “other academic….” • Select “Enrollment Verification” and click on the arrows to the right
  3. Indicate whether you want to print the verification from your browser, or if you would like for the Registrar’s Office to mail it to a specific address.
  4. If Verification is needed for a specific term, select the term from the pull-down menu next to “Select desired term or leave blank for all terms.
  5. If you have requested that the Registrar’s Office mail it, complete the Recipient Information (you can either have it mailed to one of the addresses we have on file for you, or to a 3rd party.
  6. Click Submit
How do I clear holds on my account to register for classes?

View the hold(s) on your account from your Student Center page by clicking on “details” under “Holds.”
Click on and the “Hold Item” in the Item List to see which department or office placed the hold and contact them directly to find out what is required in order to have the hold removed or overridden.
Once you have complied, the block will be removed or overridden and you will then be able to register for your classes.

How can I change or update my personal information?

Please contact your campus Registrar’s Office for additional assistance.

How do I see my Class Schedule?

Once in your LIU Student Center page, directly under Enrollment, click on My Class Schedule, you will be taken to the Select Term screen.
Select a Term and click Continue. Your class schedule will display as a List. You can change the view to a Weekly Calendar View, by clicking on that option.

How do I see my Transfer Credits?

Once in your LIU Student Center page, in the Academics column (left of the page), drop down menu to other academics, click on Transfer Credit Report, click the double arrows (>>) to the right of the words Transfer Credit Report, you will be taken to the View Transfer Credit Report page.
Transfer credits that have been entered in the system will display.

How do I see my Unofficial Transcript?

Once in your LIU Student Center page, in the Academics column (left of the page), drop down menu to other academics, click on Unofficial Transcript, click the double arrows (>>) to the right of the words Unofficial Transcript, you will be taken to the View Unofficial Transcript page. In the Report Type box, drop down menu to Unofficial Transcript, click go. Your unofficial transcript will display on the Report Results page.

How do I see my Grades and my Grade Point Average (GPA)?

Once in your LIU Student Center page, directly under Academic History (left of the page) click Grades, you will be taken to the Select Term screen on the View My Grades page. Select a Term and click Continue. Your grades and term statistics, including GPA will be displayed. You can view other terms by clicking on change term and select a Term and click Continue.

How do I search for Classes?

Once in your LIU Student Center page, click on the Search for Classes box in the top right of your screen.
You will be taken to the Class Search page. Select the Term from the drop down menu and click Go.
You will be taken to the Class Search Criteria screen.
In the Course Subject area, click select subject.
Locate the subject you wish to view, click select. On the Course Number line, enter the course number (if you know it) next to is exactly. On the Course Career line, drop down menu if you know the career of the course. (Note: the system default is Undergraduate classes.)
Click the Search box.
Your results will be displayed on the Class Search Results page. (Note: your search must contain at least 2 search criteria.)
The system default is set to display open classes only.
If you wish to see all classes, including those that are closed, your must uncheck the box marked Show Open Classes Only and then click Search.

Will my transfer credits show?

Yes, your transfer credits will be listed at the top of you transcript as well as in the transfer credit report.

What if I don’t see my transfer credits?

If you do not see your transfer credits in the transfer credit report or in your transcript contact Admissions to make sure they have received an Official transcript and it has been evaluated and applied to your record.

If I attended LIU as an undergraduate and graduate student will I be able to view both of my transcripts?

Yes, only an unofficial copy.

Can I print an unofficial transcript?


How do I know what classes are opened or closed?

You will notice a circle which represents open or a square which represents closed on the right side of your screen after the class name.

If I need a pre-requisite will I be notified?

The pre-requisite information is indicated in the class detail section.

How soon after I decide on a schedule should I register?

As soon as possible, if a class is showing open there is no guarantee that it will remain open until you get to the registrar.

If a class I enroll in does not appear on my schedule when I log into account what should I do?

  1. Check your email in order to see if you received notice of a class cancelation.
  2. Speak with your academic advisor in order to follow up on this issue.

There is a link called deadlines; what does this refer to?

When you click on the link for deadlines, you are provided vital information regarding program changes for the classes that you are enrolled.

I have a block that prevents me from registering what does this block mean?

Click on the appropriate campus link to view details on the blocks (holds).

What options are available to me under the “other academic information” drop down navigation bar?

You can select to order an enrollment verification, view your transfer credit report, if applicable or view an unofficial copy of your transcript.

Can I enroll on-line?

Currently only a select few graduate programs are able to enroll on-line. In the future additional programs will be able to register on-line.

When can I enroll on-line?

The enrollment start date is the earliest date and time that you can register. Click on “Enrollment Dates” to see your specific enrollment appointment and the open enrollment date.

How do I enroll in classes?

After logging into your student center, click on the link “Add a Class” found at the top left under “Enrollment”.

How do I drop a class?

After logging into your student center, click on the link “Drop a Class” found at the top left under “Enrollment”.

How do I determine the campus location of a class?

Once you select a course and are viewing the possible class sections, click on the “section” link to see the class details.
Included in the details will be the location and campus.

Why can’t I add my selected class?

There are multiple reasons you may not be able to add a class. The error comment will indicate what actions are necessary to complete your enrollment.

Why can’t I add the same class after I dropped it?

Once a class is dropped on-line, you may not be able to add it back to your shopping cart. Please see your campus Registrar or Advisor to add back a previously dropped class.

How can I tell what service indicator (hold) is blocking my registration?

Return to your Student Center home page. Check for holds, found at the top right. The following holds must be resolved for you to complete the on-line registration process:

  • Admissions (all)
  • Bursar (University Collections, Account Past Due, External Collections)
  • Departmental and Academic (all)
  • Financial Aid (M Block)
  • Health Services (Vaccination, Student Health, Meningitis)
  • Probation, Suspension and Dismissal (all)
  • Registrar (all)
  • Public Safety (all)
  • General Deficiencies (HEOP, Language, Student Affairs, Math)
  • Miscellaneous (International Office)

Will the system prevent me from registering for two classes at the same time?

Yes, once you finish enrolling, you will receive an error message, indicated by a red X, which shows there is a time conflict for that specific class. The classes will remain in your shopping cart. This does not mean you are registered for it.

Am I enrolled for the classes that appear in my shopping cart?

No, the shopping cart is a holding area for the classes you have selected. Only after you click “Finish Enrolling” and you receive a “green check” next to the class, will you be enrolled.

I've missed all of the on-line registration deadlines; can I still register for classes?

Yes, but not on-line. Please see your campus Registrar or Advisor to register for classes beyond enrollment deadlines.

What is the difference between a class number and a permission number?

The class number identifies course sections and are unique to the section and to a semester. These numbers may be used to bypass searching for a class when you are registering. A permission number allows your registration to override prerequisite or co-requisite rules placed on courses. Permission numbers may also be used to allow you to register in a course beyond its enrollment capacity, and is provided to you only by your department or Dean’s office, or the Registrar.

My LIU Admissions

How can I apply to Long Island University?

Students can use the "Apply for Admission" link through the My LIU Student Center Portal. Students are encouraged to apply on-line for their specific academic program and campus. Applications may also be submitted in paper form.

How can I check on the status of my application?

You can access this information through the My LIU Student Center Portal.

How do I apply for merit-based scholarships and grants?

Generally, eligibiliity for academic scholarships will be determined at the time of a student's admission to the University. The Admissions Office automatically reviews the admissions application and academic records of all entering students to determine scholarship eligibility. However, some programs do require separate scholarship applications with applicable deadline dates.

If I am a Long Island University undergraduate student and wish to apply for a graduate program how can I do this?

Students can use the "Apply for Admission" link through the My LIU Student Center Portal.

If I am a Long Island University undergraduate student and have applied for a graduate program how can I check on the status of my application?

Students can use the "View Status" link in the Admissions section of the My LIU Student Center Portal.

How long will I be able to see my current admissions application on the portal?

Students will be able to view their application up until the they have paid their tuition deposit (matriculated) and completed all of their admissions checklist items in their To Do List.

How do I pay my application fee?

Application fees may be paid by contacting the campus Bursars cffice.

How do I pay my tuition and/or housing deposit?

Students need to complete their tuition deposit agreement form and housing application along with the required deposits to the campus Bursars office.

How do I register for courses?

New incoming students for the LIU Brooklyn and LIU Post campuses will need to submit a tuition deposit prior to meeting with an academic advisor and registering for classes.  In addition, LIU Brooklyn students are required to take an English and Mathematics placement exams prior to registering for classes.  Detailed instructions about your next steps for enrolling will be mailed to you.  If you are attending one of the LIU regional campuses please contact their Admissions Office for registration instructions.

I have been admitted to the university, do I still need to provide the transcripts or other documents that are listed in the To Do list?

The university may have offered you provisional admission based on unofficial documents or official transcripts that still had courses listed as being in progress at the time of your admission evaluation. To complete your file, Admissions must receive the final official copies of transcripts or other documents noted in your To Do List.

I am an undergraduate student and I have applied for admission. Can I view the status of my admission?

You can access this information through the My LIU Student Center Portal. Once you have logged into your My LIU account, scroll to the bottom of your student center. Click on the View Status link that appears in the Admissions pagelet. You will be able to review information regarding the status of your application.

How do I know if there is any outstanding information for my application for admission?

On your Student Center home page under the Admissions pagelet the status is displayed. A yellow triangle indicates the application is incomplete.
Click on View Status for details. The open items are listed. The action items will appear on your To Do List pagelet.

How do I check if further information is required for admission to my graduate studies?

On your Student Center home page review your to do list which appears on the right side of your student center. Clicking on details will enable you to view details of your pending admission.

What information is available regarding the status of my application?

The term, career, program information, application number, application date and "to do” items that relate to your application are displayed in the Application Status view.

My LIU Financials

When must I clear my bill?

Students are expected to clear their bills before the start of classes. In the event that a student fails to do so, the account will be considered to be not in good financial standing. Students with past due balances will be assessed the following:

• A late fee of $50 will be charged to students with past due balances on the 45th day after the start of the term. An “Account Past Due” Bursar Hold also will be placed on past due balances to prevent the student from receiving transcripts, diplomas, grade mailers and other official University documents. Students with past due balances greater than $500 also will be prevented from engaging in University activities, such as registering for classes.

• A second late fee of $100 will be charged to students with past due balances at the end of the term.

My bill is cleared but I have not received my refund - when can I expect to receive this?

Student refunds that are expected from student loans will be disbursed in compliance with applicable federal regulations and University policies. Refunds need not be requested as they are issued automatically; once the transaction is processed, it will be posted to your Account Activity page and subsequently issued to you via check and sent to you at your current mailing address. For additional information, please visit your campus Bursar.

I would like to participate in the University’s payment plan. How do I sign up?

Students may take advantage of the LIU payment plan that allows you to spread out your payments from the beginning to the end of the academic term. There is an enrollment fee of $35 per term. The payment plan is a written contract between you and LIU. As an added benefit to participate, there is no interest charged when payments are made in a timely manner. To join, stop by your campus Bursar’s office and the staff will assist you in calculating your payment schedule. Please visit the LIU Post Bursar website ( or LIU Brooklyn Bursar website ( for downloadable forms.

My charges due balance differs from what was included on my LIU bill. How do I reconcile this difference?

Your LIU bill is generated at a particular point in time, and every month thereafter, and includes all transactions in your account as of the date of the bill, including anticipated financial aid.
In contrast, your My LIU webpage shows account activity on a real time basis, taking into account drop/add activities, withdrawals, and payments.
Differences between your bill and information within My LIU may trigger an adjustment that will be accounted for in future billings that will be sent to your mailing address.

There are many items included in my Account Activity detail. What do these transactions mean?

The account activity screen shows separate columns for charges, payments, and refunds by date and term. Charges consist of amounts billed to your account for mandatory tuition, fees, and other costs associated with your enrollment.
Payments represent amounts remitted by the student, application of financial aid and scholarships, and reversals of charges resulting from various actions, including drop/add activities, tuition remission, and waivers. Refunds represent amounts returned to the student.
For additional information on your activity detail, please contact your campus Bursar.

I have a student financial-related hold on my account that is preventing me from registering for classes. How do I resolve this problem?

Students who have paid their accounts in full should not have any student financial-related holds on my account.

My LIU shows I have charges due. How do I make payment on these charges?

You can pay your bill through approved financial aid, check, money order, VISA, Master Card, or Discover (we do not accept American Express). You may download a credit card authorization form by visiting the LIU Post and LIU Brooklyn campus Bursar websites.
All payments and acceptable payment arrangements can be made with your campus Bursar; alternatively, you can mail checks directly to Long Island University, 700 Northern Blvd., Brookville, NY, 11548, USA.

How do I review the status of my tuition bill? Am I able to review that information from "My LIU"account?

Yes, once you log into your My LIU account, you will be able to view the status of your bill, as well as any activity, charges due, and payments posted.

My family sent a payment for the upcoming semester. Can I view that information in My LIU?

Yes, under the Finances pagelet, click on Account Inquiry then click on the Payments tab. Once the Office of Student Financials (Bursar) has posted the payment you will be able to view that information.

I currently have a payment plan with the University. Can I see the record of all the payments made during the term or during a particular period of time?

Yes, under the Finances pagelet, click on Account Inquiry then click on the Activity tab, you will see all payments and charges on your account. To view historic transactions, change the From date.

Will financial aid that I received this semester appear in my payment history?

Information about posted financial aid is available in the Finances pagelet of your Student Center. Details of the posted financial aid can be viewed by clicking on Account Inquiry then clicking on the Payments tab.