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Welcome to LIU. When you need computing assistance or advice, contact the IT Help Desk. We are here to help answer questions over the phone, via email, or in person. Select your local campus for more IT support.

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LIU Brooklyn, LIU Pharmacy, LIU Hudson, LIU Global


Phone: 718-488-3313 | Mon-Fri: 9am- 5pm
Walk-in: LLC 301 | Mon-Fri: 9am- 5pm


Phone: 718-488-1082 | Mon-Fri: 9am- 5pm
Walk-in: LLC 219 | Mon-Fri: 9am- 5pm

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LIU Post, LIU Riverhead, LIU Brentwood


Phone: 516-299-3967 | Mon-Thur: 9am- 6pm Fri: 9am- 5pm
Walk-in: Hillwood Commons | Mon-Fri: 9am- 5pm


Phone: 516-299-2281 | Mon-Fri: 9am- 5pm
Walk-in: Library 1st Floor | Mon-Fri: 9am- 5pm

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Help Guide for Student

What’s a My LIU log-in?

Your My LIU log-in is your assigned login credential. You pick your My LIU password. Use it to log onto lab computers, check your email

What if I forget my LIU ID or password?

This is a vitally active account because all official communication is sent to your LIU email. To reset your password you’ll need to bring your LIU ID to the Center for Student Information on your campus.

What is my LIU ID good for (besides email)?

Use it to access the LIU wireless network, log into the course management system, and much more!

Who can use my LIU ID?

No one but you. Keep your LIU ID private and never tell anyone your password. Keep your password secret. We recommend that you change your password every 45 days. Be sure to bring an ethernet cord if your in the residences hall, but the wireless network is sufficient for your mobile needs.

What’s the big deal about my password?

Phishing scams (email messages that harvest your personal information) use your password to send out thousands of spam messages and to hack into the LIU network, resulting in compromised files and databases.

How can I tell if an email message is a real request?

No one at LIU will EVER ask you to verify your account or give up your password, your student number, your credit card information, or any other personal information over email. If you get an email asking for your info, it’s a hoax. Delete it and move on. This is also true of most legitimate businesses, so don’t be fooled by similar messages that appear to be from the bank or other services you use.

What happens if I fall for a scam?

Contact the CSI Help Desk immediately to get your password reset before the hacker uses it. Otherwise, the hacker will change your password, locking you out of your own account while they do their dirty work. Preparing for computing at LIU.

Am I required to bring a computer?

No. You will have access to campus computing resources, including labs with printers. However, most students do bring their own portable computing device.

Can I use my LIU email before I arrive?

Yes. Your LIU email is available for use as soon as you set your password.

Help Guide for Faculty/Staff


Once information about you is complete in the Human Resources’ employee database, you should obtain your LIU ID card by going to the ID Office on your campus. Once you have your ID Card, you can apply for an email account by bringing it to your local IT office and completing an E-mail Account Request Form. Your LIU email account and temporary password will be created within 24 - 48 hours. This information will be your identification name and password for several campus computing systems.


You may access your email account using a variety of programs or with a web- browser. Tools are available for setting a “away from my email” messages. For more on email software, configuring, or mail quotas, visit the above link.


Computing equipment for faculty and staff is supplied, in most cases, by their departments. This web site has information about discounts and vendors along with purchase recommendations for departmental as well as personal purchases.

PeopleSoft Services

LIU uses PeopleSoft to manage grading and student information. Once you have obtained your LIU email account, you will need to request access to the system for student advisement, viewing class rosters and submitting grades. Your local IT Office will give directives on obtaining this form. This process should be completed as soon as possible as it may take 6 - 10 business days to complete.

Technologies for Education

The mission of our Technology Specialists is to promote, instruct and support the use of digital technologies in academic and organizational settings. Should you have distinct projects that require specialized software, audio, video or other technologies, we are available for consultation. Please contact your local IT Office to meet with a Technology Specialist.

Tools for Course Management and Collaboration

LIU has several tools available to enhance your instructional endeavors. Classrooms that have been outfitted with SMARTBoards, projectors and digital podiums are located throughout each campus. Additionally, computer labs are equiped to handle collaborative technologies such as Adobe Connect, Skype and Infoshare. The University Course Management system is Blackboard version 9.