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My iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android phone isn’t working!

Please check the settings (see below) or come into the ITRC for further assistance.

The old email system seemed to have only a small amount of storage; is this the case with the new system?

No, each faculty email box has 1GB of storage.

Sometimes my emails were bounced back to me because the file I attached was too large. What is the size limit on attachments?

You can email files up to 10MB for LIU recipients (from to You can email files up to 8MB for NON-LIU recipients (from to 

I always set up a distribution list for my students, but would often times have to break up the class into smaller groups in order to send my emails. How many people can I email at one time?

You can email 25 people at one time and 50 if all of the recipients are LIU email addresses.

How do I determine how much of my email storage I’m using?

Right click on the inbox of your exchange account for folder size or folder properties. 

Who would I contact about problems with my email?

Please call your local ITRC office, or go to


Email Settings

Protocol Email Server Security Domain\Username
Exchange SSL:on Liunet\Username
Connection is with IMAP and SMTP only, No POP

Protocol Security
993 Liunet\Username
587 Liunet\Username

Blackberry does not support Exchange Active Sync. The older Blackberry have an IMAP client. Use the IMAP/SMTP settings above. The newer Blackberry models has Outlook Web Access support. The server setting is: The ‘s’ is important.

Android phones may connect using the mail application with the Exchange option in manual setup. Use the Exchange settings from above. (Older Android OS 2.0 and below are not supported)

iOS devices must have the account set up from the “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” settings. Use the Exchange settings from above.