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Scholarships, Awards & Loans


LIU Hudson offers many different scholarships for students. The chances are you will be eligible for one of the scholarships below. Most scholarships do not require an income test or other evidence of financial need.


This program is designed for graduate students who combine part-time study with employment and family responsibilities, and for whom financial considerations are an important factor. These scholarships may be used anytime within the first three years of graduate study. There are three levels of Credit Bank Scholarships:

Merit Based Scholarship

Tuition charges will be waived for a total of six (6) graduate credits; a minimum 3.5 cumulative index of all undergraduate studies is required.

Incentive Scholarship

Tuition charges will be waived for a total of four (4) graduate credits; a minimum 3.3 cumulative index of all undergraduate studies is required.

Graduate Scholarship

Tuition charges will be waived for a total of two (2) graduate credits; a minimum 3.2 cumulative index of all undergraduate studies.
All awards are applied to students’ accounts as they progress through their studies at a rate of one scholarship credit per three credits registered. However, no more than two scholarship credits will be issued during any one semester.

Eligibility Criteria for Credit Bank Scholarships

There are no income tests or other requirements of financial need. A special application form is not required. In order to be considered eligible to receive a Credit Bank Scholarship, a student must be newly admitted to a program at LIU Hudson as a matriculated, degree-seeking student. Students are assessed automatically by the Admissions Office upon acceptance into the degree program, and then notified of the award. Awards are based on information included in the application at the time of admission only.

Please note that only one University-funded scholarship can be issued per person, per program, except for the RAF Scholarship and the Textbook Award Scholarship for MBA and MPA.


Recommend-A-Friend Scholarship Program (RAF)

A current student who is matriculated in an LIU Hudson degree granting program may be eligible to receive an RAF scholarship if he/she refers a new first time student to LIU Hudson. The RAF Scholarship Application should be completed and submitted at the time the new student submits an application for admission. The referred student must be accepted to a Rockland or Westchester graduate campus degree granting program and complete 6 credits with grades of B or higher. One RAF scholarship consists of three graduate tuition credits, to be taken at the Rockland or Westchester Campus. There is no limit to the number of nominees a current student can recommend or the number of RAF scholarships he/she may be eligible to receive. Contact the Admissions Office for eligibility requirements and an application form. All university financial aid policies apply.

Rockland/Westchester Graduate Campus Alumni Scholarship

Graduates of the LIU Hudson campuses are awarded a 25% tuition reduction scholarship when they are enrolled as a fully matriculated student in any program at either the Rockland or Westchester graduate campus. This tuition scholarship may be used to study in another master’s degree program or to earn an Advanced Certificate in the same degree area. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, alumni must complete a new admission application and submit it to the Admissions Office.

Dominican/Concordia Scholarship

Graduates of Dominican College in Rockland County and Concordia College in Westchester County with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher may be eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is a one third reduction in tuition at the Rockland or Westchester campus for the duration of the student’s Master's degree program.

County Government Employee Scholarship

LIU Hudson will provide to employees of Rockland, Westchester, Bergen or Bronx County government a 25% reduction in tuition for the duration of a Master’s degree program. This program is available to any eligible county Government employee who is accepted into a degree granting program. Additionally, entry awards are available for spouses and dependent children of these County employees. Entry awards will provide a 25% tuition reduction scholarship for the first six credits of a masters program taken by a spouse or dependent child who is accepted into a degree granting program. Please contact the LIU Hudson at Rockland Admissions Office for further eligibility requirements. Proof of employment each semester is required to process an award.

School Leaders Scholarship

Teachers who are employed in education in either Rockland County or Bergen County public schools are eligible to apply for a one-third tuition reduction for all credits taken when matriculating in the Educational Leadership Advanced Certificate program. See the Admissions Office for an application and further details about the scholarship. A limited number of scholarships are available.

Rockland/Westchester County Nonprofit Scholarship

This scholarship offers a 25% tuition reduction for all courses for students matriculating in the M.P.A. in Health Administration and Public Administration programs, or the Mental Health Counseling Program. Eligibility requires that the student is an employee of a recognized Rockland County or Westchester County Nonprofit Organization. Contact the Graduate Admissions Office for other eligibility requirements that apply. Proof of employment must be provided each semester.

BOCES Employee Scholarship

The scholarship offers a 20% tuition reduction to students who work for Rockland or Westchester BOCES for matriculation in any graduate degree program offered at the Rockland graduate campus. Proof of employment must be provided each semester. Please contact the Admissions Office for an application.

Career Ladder Scholarship For Teacher Education

A scholarship offering a 25% tuition reduction for paraprofessionals and teaching assistants employed by ant Westchester, Rockland or Bergen County school district that is applied to all credits earned for a master’s degree leading to teacher certification. Individuals receiving this scholarship must provide proof of employment in a school district every semester.

Independent School Teacher Scholarship

A scholarship offering a 25% tuition reduction for the first nine teacher education credits in the Literacy, Special Education, Childhood or ESL degree programs offered to teachers, paraprofessionals and teaching assistants employed in independent ( private or religious) schools located in Fairfield, Westchester, Rockland, Bergen or Bronx County. Individuals receiving this scholarship must provide proof of employment every semester.

City of Yonkers Employee Scholarship

This scholarship offers a 25% tuition reduction for City of Yonkers, NY employees towards a student’s masters degree. Proof of employment by the City of Yonkers must be provided every semester.

Purchase Community Scholarship

This scholarship offers a 25% tuition reduction for graduates of either Purchase College or Manhattanville College. Proof of graduation must be supplied at the time of admission.

Textbook Award

A $150 tuition credit per course is offered to students fully matriculated in either the M.P.A. or M.B.A. program for the entire program.

All Scholarships

Students are required to indicate on the tuition bill whether they are receiving any scholarship or financial aid. Companies that are billed directly by the University will receive a bill which reflects all scholarships and financial assistance. Companies will be notified of any scholarship awarded after billing. All scholarships require acceptance into a graduate degree program. Scholarship commitments will be honored for three years from the date of award. Students may take courses at their own pace. There are no minimum number of credits which must be taken each semester, nor are recipients required to attend every session in order to maintain their scholarship. Students must respond to their bills, even if they are receiving scholarships.


The following information is provided in summary form. Detailed information regarding application procedures, selection of recipients, award schedules, and rights and responsibilities of recipients should be obtained from the LIU Hudson at Rockland Admissions Office.
Full-time enrollment status for graduate students for all federal and state financial aid programs is defined as 12 credits per semester. For International students, 9 credits per semester is considered full-time. Half-time enrollment status for graduate students for some loan eligibility is 6 credits per semester.

State Assistance

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

To qualify for this grant, a student must be a legal resident of New York State, be a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen, be enrolled full-time (at least 12 credits per semester), be fully matriculated in an approved degree program and be in good academic standing. Awards are based on the student's family (and spouse, if applicable) net taxable New York State income of the previous fiscal year. For further information, please go to Please use LIU Graduate School code #5403 when applying for N.Y.S. TAP.

Federal Assistance

Students will be considered for the following types of federal assistance on the basis of information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):

Federal William T. Ford Direct Student Loan

U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status is required. Matriculated students in a degree granting program, registering for at least 6 credits per semester are eligible to apply for Direct Loans. Repayment begins six months after graduation or termination of at least part-time studies.

Federal Direct Loans may be subsidized or unsubsidized. When a loan is subsidized, the Federal Government will pay the interest on the loan while the student is in school. The borrower has to demonstrate financial need in order to qualify for this type of loan. The Financial Aid Office at LIU Post determines this status. If a student does not qualify for a subsidized Direct Loan, he/she may qualify for the unsubsidized Direct Loan. It offers the same terms and conditions as the subsidized loan, except that the borrower is responsible to pay the interest, or the interest may be capitalized while he/she is in school.

Maximum loan amounts are as follows:

Annual Limit (Graduate)

Lifetime Aggregate Limit (Graduate/Undergraduate Combined)



For each academic year, a graduate student may borrow up to the annual limit of $20,500. No more than $8,500 of this amount may be in subsidized loans.

Students who drop below (6) six credits before loan disbursement will not be allowed any portion of the loan, which must be returned to the federal loan servicer. Students withdrawing from school following loan disbursement are subject to a Return of Title IV funds review. Future federal loan assistance may be rescinded if the student is not making satisfactory progress towards their degree. Students receiving aid through any of the federal programs receive verification of their eligibility for this loan from the Financial Aid Office. Deferment benefits are available for those students who qualify. Contact the Federal Direct Student Loan Servicer at 1-800-848-0979.

Academic Standards for Federal Plus Loans

Students receiving Title IV financial aid assistance are required to meet standards of satisfactory progress toward their degree objective.

In addition to maintaining the yearly increments of credits earned, students must also satisfy the average requirements as detailed in this Graduate Bulletin. Students in the Business Administration and Public Administration programs must maintain a 2.5 grade point average. All other students who have earned 13 credits or more must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Title IV probation status will be considered in the following manner: first, a review is made at the end of each semester to determine if a student's average is satisfactory. A review is made at the end of the Spring semester of each year for determination of work completed. If a student has failed to meet the minimum requirements, the student is placed on probation for the following year. At the end of the following year, after the Spring semester, a determination is made. If progress (as defined below) toward minimum standards has still not been made, the student will lose eligibility for the third year.

Progress toward the minimum standards is defined as: 1) Completing the minimum number of credits required for that year or cumulative increments; or 2) Showing improvement in the grade point average.

"P" grades will be reviewed for grade point requirements by the dean. "U", "F", "W", "WF", "INC", "ABS", "UW", "NGR", "AUD" grades do not count toward successful completion requirements. In addition, repeated courses count only once toward credits earned.

A student must conform to the standards of good academic standing and policy published in the Graduate Bulletin. The records of a student on probation or who fails to make adequate progress toward his or her degree, are subject to review for mitigating circumstances based upon professional judgment. A student will remain in good standing and eligible to receive Title IV funds until he or she is declared ineligible. The determination will be made at the end of each semester.