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LIU Hudson can help you to become a teacher, or enhance your existing skills and credentials. At this time, when K-12 education is in the midst of tremendous change, quality teacher training based on proven, clinically rich models is of greater value than ever. Whether you come to us directly from an undergraduate experience in teacher education or another field, or are already credentialed and seeking additional certifications (including advancement into educational leadership), we have the seasoned faculty and staff to help you meet your objectives. 

LIU Hudson offers personalized advising and excellent instruction in a caring and supportive environment. Contact us and experience the difference that private, affordable higher education can make.


LIU Hudson teacher education programs are nationally accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). LIU Hudson program completers performed above the statewide average pass rate on New York State’s certification examinations in 2011-2012, the most recent year for which data has been released. The statewide pass rate average was 96% and the LIU Hudson pass rate average was 99%.