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Plan of Study

Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling

This program leads to eligibility for New York State licensure as a Mental Health Counselor.

All courses are three credits unless noted.

Required Courses (51 credits)

  • SPC 600C Fieldwork: Directed Observation and Practice in Agency Settings 100 hours
  • SPC 633 Developmental Psychology I
  • SPC 634 Developmental Psychology II
  • SPC 650 Developmental Psychopathology
  • SPC 668 Diagnostic Tools for Measurement
  • SPC 682 World of Work: Assessment of Individual Needs and Needs of Society
  • SPC 732 Research Methods
  • SPC 745 M Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Counseling
  • CPT 500 Introduction to Mental Health Counseling
  • CPT 501 Counseling: Theory and Practice I
  • CPT 502 Counseling: Theory and Practice II
  • CPT 503 Adult Psychopathology
  • CPT 504 Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Counseling
  • CPT 600 Clinical Methods in Counseling
  • CPT 601 Group Counseling Theory and Practice
  • CPT 700 and CPT 701 Counseling Internship Practicum I and II 600 hours total.

Elective Courses: (9 credits)

Three electives on mental health counseling or clinical knowledge from the following or an approved equivalent.

  • SPC 502 Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention
  • SPC 504 Approaches to Human Sexuality
  • SPC 518 Play Therapy
  • SPC 519 Dynamics of Marital Interaction
  • SPC 639 Youth Culture and the Urban Setting
  • SPC 675 Introduction to Techniques of Substance Abuse Counseling: Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • SPC 7450 Dealing with Loss and Grief
  • SPC 745A The Family of the Substance Abuser